Bahu Begum Choti Sardaarni Vidya Spoilers

Bahu Begum Choti Sardaarni Vidya Spoilers

Bahu Begum Choti Sardaarni Vidya Spoilers Shayra and Noor get into an ugly fight. Shayra doesn’t want Noor at home. Noor leaves the house in anger, while Azaan follows her. Ghazala brainwashes both Noor and Shayra. Azaan wants to get Noor home. Ghazala provokes Shayra against Noor further by poisoning her mind. Shayra gets believing that Noor is wooing Azaan. Shayra awaits Azaan. He meets Noor and convinces her to return home. They get informed by a corrupt police officer about the road blocked due to the fallen tree. Inspector asks them to pass the night at some guest house to leave in the morning. Azaan and Noor believe him. Azaan informs Shayra about the road blockage. Inspector informs Ghazala about completing her task. Azaan and Noor fail to reach their destination, their home. Shayra suspects Noor’s intentions.

Choti Sardaarni Sarabjeet suspects Meher to be behind the big scam involving crores of rupees. He wants to find the truth and catch her red-handed at the bank. He takes the manager into confidence and awaits Meher to know the truth. He wants to stop Meher from doing wrong. He gets too desperate to find out what is she hiding and for what purpose. Sarabjeet wants to take action against Meher. Kulwant gets stressed about Meher’s life. Meher informs her brother that she had sorted the matter, she is going home with Sarabjeet.

Kulwant gets her tension off when she learns that the real culprit is caught, Sarabjeet’s maid is the real culprit who had stolen the money with the help of the fraud bank manager. Meher breaks the good news in her family and solves the money ruckus. Sarabjeet feels sorry to suspect his wife. He comes with an apology to Meher. Sarabjeet gets the culprits arrested.

Nanku kidnaps Munni and threatens Vidya. He wants Vidya to come to him if she wants to save Munni. Vivek learns Nanku’s plans and confronts him. Nanku compels Vidya to accept his mad love. Vivek fights Nanku’s evil once again to protect Vidya. He also pulls off the goodness mask from Nanku’s face. Vivek and Vidya fight the ugly situation and expose Nanku’s truth to his family.


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