Kumkum Bhagya Muskaan Upcoming Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Muskaan Upcoming Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Muskaan Upcoming Highlights Priyanka threatens Shahana. She is jealous of Shahana and Rishi’s friendship. Abhi wants to meet his other daughter Prachi. Abhi and Pragya spend good time after many years. He feels twenty years is a big time and he deserves a chance to meet his daughter now. Prachi and Abhi miss to meet at home. Abhi fails to see Prachi’s picture. Pragya also wants to meet her other daughter. She isn’t aware that Rhea is her daughter. Abhi plans a meeting with their daughters. Abhi and Pragya celebrate their togetherness happily. Sarita tries to know about Pragya’s husband. Abhi plans a surprise for Rhea.

He wants Rhea to meet her mum and understand her. Rhea is upset with him. She avoids him again and again. Abhi explains to clear Rhea’s hatred for Pragya. Pragya plans to introduce Abhi to Prachi on Diwali eve. She buys clothes for Prachi and Rhea. She loves Rhea a lot. Even Rhea loves Pragya and wants to celebrate Diwali with her. Abhi invites Prachi and her family in the Diwali party. Will Abhi and Pragya meet their daughters during the Diwali festive? Keep reading.

Muskaan and Ronak are worried regarding Lovely. Gayatri asks them to go and take rest. She assures that she will be with Lovely. Lovely and Surendar try to talk to Lovely. Lovely asks them to leave her alone for some time. Gayatri wants to pacify her. Lovely wants to ruin Ronak and Muskaan’s wedding night. Ronak is happy to take Muskaan to the hotel. They see the surprise planned by Hanumant. Meanwhile, Lovely meets Sir ji. He tells her that she shall write a suicide note and die, so that Ronak and Muskaan’s lives suffer again. She gets worried and asks him if he is serious. He tells her that he isn’t asking me to really die.

He tells the plan that she has to write a suicide note and take some sleeping pills to give tension to the family. Lovely pens down the suicide note. She mentions Muskaan as the culprit in the note. He asks her to die now. She gets a big shock when he reveals his true face to her. She realizes that he is alive. He tells her that he isn’t related to anyone now. He just wants revenge on Ronak and Muskaan.

He tells her that he will kill the entire family, starting with her. She asks him not to kill her. He tells her that he had killed Dipendar. Lovely realizes that Ronak and Muskaan were saying the truth. Sir ji kills Lovely. Gayatri and Bua try to talk to Lovely. When Lovely doesn’t respond to their call, they think to give some time to Lovely. Ronak and Muskaan spend some intimate moments. They return home in the morning. They get the biggest shock on knowing about Lovely’s suicide. The sorrow strikes the family. Inspector gets the suicide note. Inspector arrests Muskaan for provoking Muskaan for committing suicide.

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