Muskaan Ronak separation Leap introduces new track

Muskaan Ronak separation Leap introduces new track

Muskaan Ronak separation Leap introduces new track Surendar meets Tejpal and reveals his plan to fool Ronak. He had planted Tejpal and Kumar to carry out the fraud and trap Muskaan in the case. He had bribed them and won the game. Ronak meets Muskaan at the jail every day. The story moves ahead. Ronak feels sorry to not be able to help her. He wants her to take care. Muskaan faints down, which worries him. He takes her to the hospital. He gets too happy when doctor reveals the news of Muskaan’s pregnancy. Ronak hugs Muskaan. They feel their happiness is ruined because of her arrest. Ronak informs jailer that Surendar is going to harm Muskaan.

Gayatri meets Muskaan. She wants Muskaan to stay happy. Jailer doesn’t let Gayatri take care of Muskaan. Ronak wants Muskaan’s health to stay well. Muskaan learns that Ronak is much sorrowful and not taking care of her health. Muskaan wants him to stay good. Sir ji threatens the doctor to get his face surgery done. He wants his proper face. Muskaan misses Ronak. Ronak seeks Jailer’s permission to meet Muskaan.


Jailer doesn’t like Ronak’s drama. Ronak apologizes to him and begs. Jailer allows him to go. Ronak learns that Muskaan fainted while completing the tasks in the jail. The story takes further leap. Sir ji asks Surendar to kill Muskaan’s child. Muskaan gives birth to her child. Surendar steals the child from the hospital. Ronak gets alert when he finds Surendar there. The show will take a six year leap. Ronak and Muskaan’s twin daughters will be seen. Their daughters will be uniting them after the leap. They will be returning the lost world of love to their parents. Ronak and Muskaan’s new phase will begin.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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