Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Hotstar Quick Highlights

Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Hotstar Quick Highlights

Kulfii Kumar Bajewala Hotstar Quick Highlights Kulfi and Amyra lose out to the wrestlers. They want to find out some way to win the coin. They get an idea to fight the wrestlers in the Dangal. Sikandar gets happy to see them strong. He wants them to make everything possible. He holds belief. Sikandar gets the grand launch. He addresses the media and the co-producer Mohsin. Mohsin wants to support Sikandar, the emerging star. Jimmy confronts Sikandar and Mohsin. He insults Sikandar right in front of the media. Mohsin tries to calm Jimmy. He then slaps Jimmy. Jimmy’s public image gets ruined. Mohsin wants to decide with whom he would work.

Jimmy threatens to ruin him as well. Mohsin and Sikandar don’t let the drama spoil their fun. The chawl people get happy that Sikandar is achieving his goals. Sikandar brings the video and special gifts for the chawl people. They celebrate his success. Sikandar hugs his daughters. He tells them that he has to rush for his recording. He wishes everyone happy Diwali. The chawl people like his thoughtful gifts. Sikandar wants to spread happiness. The people wish him to stay fine forever. They get emotional. The kids are happy that Sikandar’s album will be launched. Kulfi wants to bring the Laxmi coin back.

Sikandar overhears his daughters’ conversation. He feels proud that they are obeying his teachings and walking on the right path. Amyra hatches a plan to get the gold coin back. Kulfi wants to challenge the wrestlers for the match and mislead them. Sikandar records his new song. Mohsin feels glad to work with him. Jimmy wants to ruin Sikandar, who has finished his career. Sikandar sings an inspirational song. Kulfi and Amyra get into trouble when they pose the big challenge to the wrestlers. Mohsin applauds Sikandar for his amazing performance. He finds the song a superhit. Sikandar is happy to find a good producer.

Kulfi asks the wrestlers to accept the challenge. She comes up with a unique idea. The wrestlers accept her challenge and ask her if she is fooling around. Sikandar learns about Jimmy’s plans. He wants Jimmy to steal his songs so that he can reach Jimmy’s piracy business. Kulfi fool the wrestlers cleverly. She rages them by her unexpected move. Jimmy wants to leak Sikandar’s new song and ruin him. He falls into Sikandar’s trap.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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