Kumkum Bhhagya Zee Shocking Prachi defamation

Kumkum Bhhagya Zee Shocking Prachi defamation

Kumkum Bhhagya Zee Shocking Prachi defamation Rhea makes the evil plan to malign Prachi’s character with the help of Sanju. Sanju assures Rhea to work out her plan since he desperately wants Prachi. He lies to Prachi. Prachi gets innocent to believe him. Dadi defends Prachi when she hears Rhea’s friends speaking ill about her. They know Prachi is good at heart and righteous, she can never do anything wrong in her entire life. Dadi asks them to mind their own business.

Sanju tries to spike Prachi’s drink. His plan works out when Prachi consumes the drugged drink. She gets little bit dizzy. Sanju shoulders her. This sight leaves Ranbir fuming with anger. Rhea gets excited that her plan is going on well. She wants to play the AV in the party hall so that Prachi is tagged characterless.

On the other hand, Abhi visits Purab and Disha to alert them about Aaliya’s approaching storm. Disha gets glad to meet Abhi, one of her big support. He wishes Disha on Diwali. Abhi warns Purab so that he doesn’t fall into trouble.

He knows Purab will always call him for help. He tells that he has made this move beforehand to save him from Aaliya. Sanju follows Prachi to the washroom and tries to get close to her. Rhea’s cheap plan gets succeeding.

Rhea plays the shocking intimate moment of Prachi and Sanju live on the big screen. This shocks entire family. Rhea awaits their reaction. Sanju thinks he will get Prachi after this move, since Prachi will be helpless to marry him in order to save herself from people’s taunts and defamation. Pragya and Abhi are away from the house. Pragya doesn’t reach the party due to road blockage, while Abhi is away to counsel Purab. Who will come to defend Prachi’s respect? Will Ranbir take a stand for Prachi? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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