Nimkii Vidhayak Muskaan Star Bharat Highlights

Nimkii Vidhayak Muskaan Star Bharat Highlights

Nimkii Vidhayak Muskaan Star Bharat Highlights Nimki and Mintu’s friends look after Dadi. They are happy that Dadi isn’t harmed. Dadi misses Mintu. Nimki tells her that Mintu will come soon. She dresses as Mintu and dances to entertain Dadi. She convinces Dadi to have food and medicines. Mintu’s friends praise her for her angelic gestures. Nimki worries that Ganga got to know about her changed vote. She has to face Ganga. Ganga is angered by Nimki’s cheat. Nimki meets her and apologizes. She tells that she didn’t cheat her, Shukla was blackmailing about killing Mintu’s Dadi. Ganga taunts her indirectly. Ganga didn’t wish Nimki will cheat this way.

She tells that Nimki and Mintu’s relation got stronger, so Nimki took this step for this Dadi. Nimki denies it. She also realizes that Mintu is becoming a part of his life. Nimki comes across Parag. They get into an argument. She apologizes to Parag as well. She asks him to find out Mishra, who has cheated them too. She wants to break her terms with Mintu. Nimki tries to find Mintu and assure his safety. She asks Abhimanyu to look for Mintu. Sweety questions Mintu’s identity. Nimki gets speechless to reveal about Mintu and Babbu’s identical looks.

Muskaan: Everyone gets worried when Khushi falls sick. Nisha calls for a doctor. Muskaan wants to clean Roshni’s house again. She gets emotional. Roshni and Muskaan hide their tears from each other. Roshni takes her to the market to cheer her up. Ronak eases out Khushi and takes her to the market. Roshni meets Ronak and asks him to keep his wallet safe. Muskaan misses Ronak on visiting the market. Roshni buys the flowers for Muskaan. Ronak’s voice gets heard by Muskaan. She misses to see him. She wants to find him some how. She collides with a flower vendor. Roshni finds her missing. Muskaan follows Ronak. Muskaan gets hurt by the thorns. Ronak feels he is leaving someone fear behind. He takes Khushi home.


Ronak tells Nisha that Khushi is fine. He gifts flowers to Nisha. Khushi brings her parents closer. Muskaan tells Roshni that she is finding her husband. Roshni asks if he has ousted her from the house. Muskaan can’t answer her about the evil fate. She gets emotional when Roshni gifts her the same flowers as Ronak used to do. Muskaan yearns to meet him. Roshni delivers a cake to Ronak’s place. Ronak asks Roshni to celebrate with his daughter. Roshni refuses to stay back. She wants to return to Muskaan. Ronak misses Muskaan in Khushi’s birthday party. He feels Muskaan is no more. He will get a big surprise when he meets Muskaan through Roshni.


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