Kassauti Zindagii StarPlus Prerna arrested Anurag struggles

Kassauti Zindagii StarPlus Prerna arrested Anurag struggles

Kassauti Zindagii StarPlus Prerna arrested Anurag struggles Komolika employs Ashish for her evil plan against Prerna. She bribes him by doubling his salary. Ashish gets much willing to do anything for money. He accepts her offer. She asks him to make a strong plan against Prerna to throw her out of the office. Ashish tells her that Prerna is already resigning and their plan won’t be needed in this case. Komolika still wants Prerna to face humiliation. She just wants Prerna to get away from Anurag. For her motives, she wants Anurag to hate Prerna.

She knows that Anurag hasn’t regained his memories yet. Being unaware of Prerna, he may not trust her if she gets blamed for a crime. She wants to test her fate again by putting Anurag and Prerna in trouble. Komolika asks Ashish to make Prerna fall in Anurag’s sight. Ashish makes a plan to accuse Prerna for stealing company’s confidential documents, for which Anurag won’t be forgiving her. Komolika likes the plan. Ashish works out his plan without letting Anurag doubt. He first accuses his own secretary Surbhi and then Anurag’s secretary Prerna.

He tells that both Surbhi and Prerna are selling company’s crucial data to their rival companies. He calls the police as well. Anurag asks Ashish why did he call the police to trouble the female staff. He is angry that Ashish didn’t ask him first and called the police. Ashish tells Anurag that Surbhi and Prerna are his suspects, they have stolen the documents. He instructs the police to check their desks and workplace.

Unexpectedly, Inspector finds the document with Prerna’s belongings. He arrests Prerna for the fraud. Anurag gets raging and fires Ashish for blaming Prerna. Ashish worriedly calls Komolika to tell about losing his job. She assures to pay him money as promised. She doesn’t want him to name her in the scandal. Prerna asks Anurag to keep her arrest news a secret from her family. Anurag assures to bail her out and prove her innocence the same day.

He doesn’t want Prerna to fall into trouble. He doesn’t remember her, but feels like he knows her well. He is sure that she can never do anything wrong. Komolika gets pleased watching Prerna’s arrest. When she goes home, Mohini surprises her with a gift. Komolika gets bored by Mohini’s lecture. Mohini wants Komolika to participate in Sindoor Khela ritual well. Komolika shows fake enthusiasm. She hopes to get Anurag soon. Mohini finds her an ideal bahu. She feels lucky to get her.

On the contrary, Anurag struggles to find any evidence supporting Prerna so that he can head to the police station and free her from false accusations. He speaks to his staff and learns that Ashish was threatening to fire Prerna. He realizes Ashish didn’t like Prerna and played this game to frame her. Anurag wants some lead. He confronts Ashish. Ashish lies that he was suspecting Prerna. Anurag loses his cool when Ashish speaks against Prerna. He wants to check the CCTV footage to find the truth. He finds Ashish in disguise keeping the document with Prerna’s belongings.

He gets the footage to prove Prerna’s innocence. Ashish doesn’t want to get caught. He thinks to reveal Komolika’s name to save himself if he gets caught by the police. He doesn’t want to go to jail. Anurag heads to police station and passes the footage to help Prerna. He tells the inspector that he has got the non-edited footage. He wants to know who is framing Prerna. Komolika gets mad in her hopes to get Anurag. Anurag gets Prerna released. He takes her home and introduces her as his secretary. They unknowingly participate in Sindoor khela rituals, much to Komolika’s shock.

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  1. K2 is getting more boring with Prerna loosin g her identity as a strong woman against all odds…romance has taken a back seat…. Anurag’s memory loss with badly constructed scripts about remembering some and most importantly admitting him remembering Prerna from childhood vis-a-vis his past relationship with her…. Ekta get real now with Anuraag not questioning his lady love about her pregnancy etc which has been totally avoided…. And tiresome Sonalika fighting game of revenge with Anu and Prerna!!! A good story line till K1 is ending up like all soaps and twist and turns as in the first season is getting more ludicrous and warped. It was so much fun in K1 to watch Bajaj etc adding so much unexpected twist to this romantic tale. I’m thoroughly disappointed with K2 script till now!!


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