Kulfii Kumar Bajewalaa Terrific abnormality twist

Kulfii Kumar Bajewalaa Terrific abnormality twist

Kulfii Kumar Bajewalaa Terrific abnormality twist Sikandar tells Raju that he can’t leave him alone, since he loves all the people in the chawl. He regrets that he couldn’t reach Raju on time to save him because of Kulfi. He tells Raju that he doesn’t like hurting Kulfi, it breaks his heart as well. He regrets for lying to Kulfi. Raju forgives him. He knows that Sikandar didn’t do anything intentionally. Sikandar tells him that none should know about his problem. Kulfi doesn’t learn about his illness. She thinks their poverty is the problem troubling Sikandar. Sikandar gains back his friend Raju. Raju asks him to focus on his music album launch.

Kulfi promises to make Sikandar happy. Sikandar gets pleased when his daughters wish him for the album launch. He takes them along. They get happy to get back into limelight. Sikandar gets a good welcome by Mohsin. He introduces his daughters. Jimmy gets raging to take revenge on Sikandar and Mohsin. He gets Mohsin’s drink spiked to ruin the launch. Sikandar gives insights about his song. Mohsin gets intoxicated. His odd behavior on stage shocks Sikandar.

On the other hand, Himmat decides to visit Kartarpur Gurudwara. She wants someone to accompany her. Mohsin expresses his emotions in intoxicated state. He wishes the best to Sikandar for his success. Jimmy gets happy seeing Mohsin spoiling the launch. The media mocks Mohsin. Sikandar struggles to control him.

He doesn’t want the media to print any bad news about the launch. He postpones the album release. He apologizes to the media. He gets a shock on realizing that Jimmy has conspired this. Kulfi and Amyra write a beautiful song for surprising Sikandar. Sikandar tells Raju that Jimmy didn’t change, he is still trying to harm his career. He angrily calls Jimmy to answer him. On Jimmy’s provocation, Sikandar accepts that he had kidnapped Fateh and also burnt his godown. Jimmy can’t believe this. Sikandar tells him that he will settle scores. He throws an open challenge to Jimmy. He wants to ruin Jimmy.

Jimmy threatens him. Sikandar plans to complete the last three lessons to his daughters to secure their future. Sikandar hires some goons for the purpose. He wants his daughter to forget the meaning of fear. The goon informs Amyra and Kulfi that Sikandar is in danger. He asks them to save him if they can. Kulfi and Amyra rush to save Sikandar. Himmat gets the picture from Kulfi. She realizes even Kulfi wants to visit the Gurudwara. Kulfi and Amyra reach their old house to save Sikandar. They get scared of ghostly presence there. They want to see Sikandar. The abnormal experiences leave them shocked.

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