Kahaan Hum YRKKH Tellyreviews Top 5 Quick Snips

Kahaan Hum YRKKH Tellyreviews Top 5 Quick Snips

Kahaan Hum YRKKH Tellyreviews Top 5 Quick Snips Bahu Begum: Adil is an evil minded guy. He targets Azaan next. He wants revenge on Azaan, Shayra and Noor. He is just using Noor to get to Azaan’s property. He knows Noor holds half property share of Azaan. Azaan gets injured because of Adil. Shayra calls the doctor for Azaan. Shayra and Noor try to awaken Azaan Adil acts helpful to impress Noor.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kairav reunites with Kartik, when the latter comes home. Naira gets happy to get Kartik home. She proves Kartik innocent. She is glad to unite Kartik with his family. She wants Kartik to explain Vedika about their situation. Vedika wants to tell Kartik about the big truth of her past relationship. Naira learns about Vedika’s past. She doesn’t oppose Vedika and takes a stand for her.


Muskaan: Ronak meets Roshni at the tea stall. He gets impressed by Roshni’s words. She is much brave and sensible. She enjoys having tea at the stall. Ronak doesn’t know about his daughter. Ronak unknowingly spends time with Roshni. He likes her company. He drops her home. He thinks Roshni is much like him in her speech, behavior and daring nature. Roshni too likes him for being a hero figure.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani becomes a Kinnar to reach the place to find Moksh. She dances with the Kinnar’s group. She requests them to find her child. The kinnar’s help her. Kalyani is worried for Moksh. They ask her to have faith, they will find Moksh. Kalyani tries to search for him. She becomes a helpless mother. She finally gets an idea to find him. She goes to ask for Shagun nek from people. She finally finds Moksh with someone. She then finds some other boy. Her hopes break down. She loses her happiness. The kidnapper takes Moksh from back door and runs away. Malhar reaches Kalyani and learns about the kidnapper’s move. Kalyani wants her son at any cost. The kidnapper Aahir aims to kill Kalyani and Malhar.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit completes the post marriage rituals by applying sindoor to Sonakshi. He fulfills the Mangalsutra ritual too. Sonakshi and Rohit become husband and wife. They are glad to marry. The families bless them. Suman gets emotional at the time of Sonakshi’s Bidaai. Netra, Pari and Pulkit also cry on the Bidaai. Suman gives an emotional speech. She asks Rohit to look after Sonakshi well. She gives Sonakshi’s responsibility to Rohit. Rohit consoles Sonakshi. Sonakshi fulfills the Bidaai rituals with a heavy heart. She looks forward to start a new life. Sonakshi gets a filmi homecoming welcome by her in-laws, Sippys. Rohit comes up with a big surprise.


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