Naagin 4 Starplus YRKKH Muskaan Upcoming Spoilers

Naagin 4 Starplus YRKKH Muskaan Upcoming Spoilers

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Naagin 4 Starplus YRKKH Muskaan Upcoming Spoilers Sir ji learns Muskaan’s truth that she is very much alive and is one of the refugees. He wants to exploit Muskaan’s truth by putting her in real trouble. He doesn’t want to reveal Muskaan and Roshni’s blood ties. He tests Muskaan’s patience by manipulating Roshni. Nisha learns that Muskaan is alive and can come back to Ronak. She dreams Muskaan coming home and uniting with Ronak. She doesn’t want this to happen. Muskaan slaps Roshni and rebukes her for the careless attitude. She asks Roshni if they have no relation. Sir ji learns about Muskaan. He watches the drama happily. He tells Muskaan that she isn’t related to Roshni.

He tells that Roshni belongs to him. Muskaan is scared that Sir ji will ruin Roshni’s life. Muskaan wants to save Roshni. Muskaan faces Sir ji. He doesn’t want to let Muskaan take Roshni. He hides the truth that Roshni is Muskaan’s daughter. He traps Roshni in his words and makes her away from Muskaan. Muskaan sheds tears. Nisha fears Muskaan will snatch Ronak and Khushi from her. Nisha will be turning negative and join Sir ji against Ronak and Muskaan’s union.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshat will be kidnapping Kairav. Vedika is scared that the family will learn her past. She doesn’t want Akshat to tell their past in a wrong way that they are left in shock. She wants to tell the truth before Akshat. She wants to protect Kairav from Akshat. Kairav senses someone following him. He gets scared, but gets Naira’s protection in time. When Vedika finds Akshat in the Goenka house itself, she wants him to not harm anyone in the family.

Naagin 4 Colors:

The story of Naagin with begin with the same concept, where the hero defends the girl’s respect, unaware that she is a Naagin. The new chapter begins. The past and the present reconnect. The guy hunts for the girl whom he just saved, and comes across the cursed girl. The tale around two lives’ tangled fate will have the effect of the Naagin’s poison.



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