Tellyreviews Upcoming Spoilers Today Highlights

Tellyreviews Upcoming Spoilers Today Highlights

Tellyreviews Upcoming Spoilers Today Highlights Nazar Mohana wants revenge on Ansh and Piya. She tells Ansh that he had snatched Angad from her and now she will snatch his most precious thing, his daughter Pari. Ansh tells her that he didn’t come to fight with her but to apologize for his mistake. Mohana doesn’t want to forgive him. She asks him why didn’t she get a chance to live her life. Ansh is in guilt that Angad was innocent and he killed him because of a misunderstanding. He surrenders to Mohana. He asks her to punish him the way she wants. Mohana returns to the Daayan avatar.

Shiv and Ananya have a moment while they get into an argument. She tells him that he will make sure that he leaves the house. Things begin to change between them. She gets sweets for him with a good news. She tells him that she actually came to thank him for his help. He had paid her college fees since he can’t see her crying. He tells her that he had just paid the rent. He wants to help them financially. He takes the step to befriend her. They will be falling in love.

Roshni waits for Sudha. Muskaan is worried on finding Roshni taking tension. Sudha tells Roshni that Babu ji knew this would happen and sent the new lahengas. She tells that he has got many clothes in spare. Roshni tells Muskaan that Babu ji is really good. Khushi plays with her servants’ children. Roshni asks Muskaan to choose the song to perform. Muskaan thinks what would she do to explain Roshni that Sir ji is evil. She recollects Roshni’s friend. She asks Roshni didn’t she invite her friend. She convinces Roshni to take her to her friend.

Roshni accompanies her. Hanumant and Dolly pass by the room, where Rani and her mum are trying to sneak in. Rani’s mum wants to find out Ronak’s secret. Hanumant questions them for spying on Ronak’s room. He sends them away. He doesn’t tell them anything about the room. Muskaan gets helpless to dance in the bar on Sir ji’s command. Ronak allows the servant to take kids home. Khushi wants someone to play with. She asks Ronak to get a little brother for her. She wants him to promise. Nisha is glad on hearing this. She wants her marriage to get a chance. She hopes Ronak will accept her as his wife.

Sir ji asks his men to find Muskaan and Roshni. He wants to show Muskaan that she can’t get away. Muskaan gets close to meet Ronak at his house. Sir ji’s men catch her and take her away. Ronak wants to know who had come home. He feels some connection. Nisha is worried that Muskaan had come home. Rani’s mum asks her to capture Ronak’s mind by her charm so that he doesn’t see Muskaan again. Sir ji compels Muskaan to dance. Muskaan had promised Ronak that she will never dance. She breaks the promise given to Ronak to save her daughter Roshni from evil Sir ji. Sir ji further instigates Roshni against Muskaan.


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