Sony Patiala Babes Upcoming Zee Manmohini

Patiala Babes Inspiring twists Shakti Heer Virat Holi

Sony Patiala Babes Upcoming Zee Manmohini Mini and Arya’s bonding gets better with Mini’s hard work. Arya does mischief in the restaurant kitchen. Arya spreads many smiles. Mini works hard to keep up Babita’s dreams. Mini and Arya give a new look to the restaurant. They inaugurate the restaurant and try to get more customers. They try to find out why aren’t the customers coming. Mini checks the food taste and ingredients stock. She takes inputs from her staff. She asks the staff to change everything. She gets an old worker back. He suggests good spices. Mini hires him and takes his advice.

She wants new people to join the restaurant and bring good changes. Mini and Arya introduce new dishes. The restaurant begins to get new customers. Mini gets happy that her plan worked. She thinks she will miss Arya’s naughtiness when she goes back to Australia. She tells Arya that she isn’t here for long. This upsets Arya. Arya doesn’t want her elder sister to go away. Will Arya let Mini go away? Keep reading.

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Ananya is falling in love with Shiv, whom she wanted to oust from her house. She happily dances with her love realization. Shiv isn’t aware of her feelings. Mohini does black magic. Shiv learns that Ananya is Mansi, whom was attacked by him before. His inner devil tries to take over his senses. Shiv chants mantras and tries to control his devil. He prays and promises to protect Ananya, who is his childhood love Mansi. He loves Mansi a lot and doesn’t want his inner devil to kill her.

Sunanda plays a trick to trouble her mum in law. She was scolded in front of the guests. She angrily adds peanuts in the food to teach her a lesson. Dadi gets allergic. Sunanda hides her truth from everyone. Shiv reaches on time and helps Ananya in treating Dadi.


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