Beyhadh Season 2 Nazar Track Today Highlights

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Beyhadh Season 2 Nazar Track Today Highlights Ansh and Piya fall in danger, since the Serpvanshis think they have hidden Mohana. Serpvanshis try to find Mohana, just like Ansh and Piya. They think Ansh and Piya want to help Mohana. Ansh hugs Piya to relieve her tensions. Nishant tells them that they can fall in deep danger because of the misunderstanding. Mohana asks Dilruba not to break her promise. Dilruba helps her. She tells Mohana that she can lose her life if she breaks her promise. She gives her strength and powers to Mohana. Mohana thinks she will get saved from the Serpvanshis.

She is sure that Pari will never come back, and Ansh and Piya won’t be able to find her. Ansh and Piya follow Mohana’s footprints. They find the foot prints missing, since Mohana got wings to fly. They start losing their powers. They get attacked by the enemy clan. They struggle to save their live. Ansh and Piya will be convincing them that they are also finding Mohana to get their daughter Pari back.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Beyhadh Season 2:

Maya’s hatred gets so high that she wants to ruin Mrityunjay. She wants to target Rudra and Rishi’s lives completely. She gets the money which Rudra gave to her by selling the fishes. She recalls her the picture guy throwing money at her face and insulting her. She thinks its time to take revenge. Rudra’s video goes viral. He is frustrated. He practices fencing again. He meets Maya. He tells that he has worked hard to keep his promise, but she shouldn’t come to meet him at night. She tells him about his next task.

She calls him at an under constructed building. She tells him that they will be running to the top of the building. She challenges him to see who reaches there first. Rudra finds her mad. He runs there and finds her going in the lift. He tells that its really cheating. He reaches first and wins the challenge. She falls in trouble when the lift loses the stability. He saves her life. He finds her risking her life. She tells him that she was testing him, she had already secured herself. Mrityunjay keeps an eye on his sons knowing someone is after them.

Rudra tells Maya that she is really mad. Maya’s aide blocks Mrityunjan’s spy from reaching Rudra. Rishi wants to meet her. He reaches her home. Maya tests Rishi’s feelings. Maya rings the false fire alarm and makes him out of the house. Maya takes care of her mum. She realizes that Rudra saved her life by risking his life, and Rishi had ran for saving his own life, even when he claims to like her. She thinks Rudra has humanity in his heart.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 5/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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