YRKKH Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Odd deals demands

YRKKH Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Odd deals demands

YRKKH Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Odd deals demands Kartik and Naira’s romance will be seen. They have a happy dance when Kairav joins them. Kairav is happy for his parents marriage. Kartik is very much hopeful that he will be married to Naira soon. The six months leap brings a happy track for Goenkas and Singhanias. Vedika casts her impact on Kartik and Naira again. She feels she did wrong with herself to leave Kartik. Kartik and Naira want to get married in front of Kairav. Kartik and Vedika’s secret deal twist will be showing up. Vedika keeps a condition in front of Kartik. Vedika will bring big twists.

YRKKH Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming:
Nimki gets emotional reading Mintu’s poetry. She feels her story is also similar, since they both yearned for their mum. They both see their motherly figure in Anaro. Anaro troubles Dadi in anger when Dadi occupies the bathroom. Nimki tells Anaro that she shouldn’t trouble Dadi, who takes much care of Babbu. She asks Mintu to tell about Dadi’s care and concern.

Mintu tells Anaro that Dadi is really good. Nimki wants Dadi and Anaro’s fight to end. Nimki tries to solve the problem. She asks Dadi not to get scared of Anaro. She tells that Anaro won’t harm her. She tells them that she will be getting yummy snacks for them. Nimki and Mintu go to get the snacks and sweets. Mintu finds her dramatic like his Dadi.


She tells him that Anaro is happy with him. She is thankful to him. His friends see them and think their love story has started. Tillu feels Mintu is cheating him, but he is okay with their love story. Nimki asks the people why are they staring. Mintu’s friends tease him. Nimki wants to go home and meet her family. Mintu asks how to manage Anaro. She asks him to decide himself. Nimki meets Chachi and learns about her injury.

Nimki praises Mintu’s poetry. Mahua appears worried. Nimki wonders what’s the matter. Mintu likes Nimki and wants to know about her from Anaro. Anaro recalls Babbu and Nimki’s marriage. She feels dizzy. Mintu asks her not to think of anything right now. Anaro wants him to be with her. She tells him that she wants to see Nimki and his child. Mintu gets worried hearing her odd demand. Will Mintu reveal the truth to Anaro? Keep reading.

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