Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

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Spoilers Today Choti Sardarni Ishq SubhanAllah Manmohini Ananya provokes Shiv during their confrontation. Shiv confesses his love to Ananya, which gives her much happiness. He tells her that though he loves her, he can’t marry her being helpless to some situation. He doesn’t reveal her the truth. Ananya demands the truth. They rush on finding about Ketki’s suicide attempt. The family stops Ketki and scolds her. Ketki wants to marry Shiv. Ketki fights them when they oppose her. Shiv pacifies Ketki and promises to marry her. Ananya gets upset with him. Ananya is sure to stop the marriage. Mohini wants to separate Shiv and Ananya by using Ketki. Ananya doesn’t want to lose her love. She feels Shiv really cares for her and will accept her love.

Choti Sardarni:

Sarabjeet surprises Meher by giving her a Panipuri treat. He becomes the chaat vendor to make the tasty panipuri for her. He serves her the chaat. She likes the chaat a lot. Meher thanks him for the wonderful surprise. She tells him that she was craving to have the chaat. Sarabjeet is much worried for her. He doesn’t want her to have any junk food. He prepares the food himself. He is much concerned for her baby, whom he has given his name. Meher values his efforts. She is very impressed by his care. Param learns that Meher is pregnant.

He is worried that Meher can fall sick. He cries and expresses his tension. Meher feels lucky to get such true love from Param and Sarabjeet. She pacifies Param. She tells Param that pregnancy doesn’t mean sickness, she will never leave him.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zeenat burns Zara’s pictures. She tells Kabeer that Junaid was teasing Zara by seeing her clothes. She asks Zara why did she provoke Junaid by her modern clothing, she is responsible for his bad intentions. Shahbaz and Ruksar agree with Zeenat. Zara and Kabeer think otherwise. Zara tell Zeenat that she can wear any clothes, a man should be right in his perception.

She doesn’t want men to badly eye women by judging their clothing. She tells Zeenat that such men have bad thinking and clothes styling won’t matter in such a problem. Kabeer agrees with Zara. He asks Zeenat not to blame Zara for Junaid’s mistake. Zara develops feelings for Kabeer. She realizes that he is much helpful and clean-hearted. She gets attracted to Kabeer.

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