Muskaan Ronak First meet Drama in Sir ji’s bar

Muskaan Ronak First meet Drama in Sir ji's bar

Muskaan Ronak First meet Drama in Sir ji’s bar Muskaan waits Ronak outside his house when the guard ousts her. She thinks its been six years since she met Ronak. She wants to meet him some how. She sees a lady with her daughter. She thinks of Roshni, would be waiting for her. She goes to Roshni. Nisha reaches the school to meet Khushi. Khushi tells that she fell sick just the same way like on her birthday day. Nisha hugs her. She is relieved that Khushi is fine. Muskaan reaches home and finds Roshni crying. Roshni angrily scolds her and asks her to leave her. Muskaan apologizes to her. She realizes how much Roshni loves her by seeing her worry. Sir ji tells that Muskaan can never leave Roshni.

Roshni tells her that she will like to shoot themselves. Sir ji asks her to calm down anger and have icecream. Muskaan asks Sir ji about Ronak. Sir ji tells her that Ronak is a big man now, and won’t come to his bar. He tells her that he doesn’t have any fear, Ronak will soon meet Roshni, when she shoots him. Muskaan worries. Dolly tells Gayatri about Nisha. She thinks why didn’t she tell Ronak about Khushi’s state. Ronak learns this and rushes to the school. He learns Nisha took Khushi home. He asks Nisha why didn’t she tell him.


Khushi tells them about her breathlessness. Ronak scolds Nisha for lying to him. He tells that Khushi is his world, she can’t lie about her. He warns her about lying to him. Nisha thinks of his anger. She is worried that her big lie about Muskaan will get known soon and he will hate her. Muskaan dances in the bar again on Sir ji’s compulsion. Dev likes her performance and wants her to perform in his marriage function. Sir ji wants to decide about it. Nisha gets Muskaan’s letter and hides it. Ronak apologizes to her and wants her to keep Khushi happy. Ronak gets the letter, but Nisha snatches it.

Nisha feels she is being punished with Muskaan’s sudden return. Muskaan is happy to think that Khushi is her daughter. She wants Roshni to get her rights in Ronak’s family. Nisha meets Muskaan and admits that she knows everything about her. She asks Muskaan to return in Ronak’s life. She has planned to break them apart by Mami’s new conspiracy. Nisha doesn’t want Ronak and Muskaan to unite. Muskaan and Ronak finally meet in the bar, when she performs on the stage. Ronak gets a huge shock on seeing her dance. Ronak can’t believe that she is alive. He happily hugs her and wants to take her along. He knows she is compelled to dance. She wants to tell him about Sir ji ruining their daughter’s life.


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