Kulfi Kumarr Sikandarr challenges JJ Lovely conspires

Kulfi Kumarr Sikandarr challenges JJ Lovely conspires

Kulfi Kumarr Sikandarr challenges JJ Lovely conspires Sikandar waits for Kulfi’s decision regarding JJ. Sikandar’s friends tell Kulfi how JJ has cheated Sikandar in the competition to win the trophy. They ask Kulfi to let Sikandar compete with JJ again and win. Kulfi wants to take Sikandar to Chandnaur. Sikandar’s friends tell her that Sikandar always encouraged her to win whenever she lost, now its time that she encourages him to win. They tell her that JJ insulted Sikandar and called him a runner up for life. They ask her to let Sikandar defeat JJ. Kulfi agrees to them. She also wants Sikandar to win.

They reach JJ’s farm house and get blocked by the guards. JJ meets them and asks if they got Sikandar along. Sikandar meets him after a long time. He challenges JJ for the music competition. Sikandar and JJ agree to have a competition, but not a singing competition. JJ wants Sikandar to defeat him in sports. He tells that he is the coach of Kho kho team. He tells that if they win, he will praise Sikandar as the winner. Sikandar and friends wonder how will they win over JJ. Lovely tells that they aren’t fit like JJ, its not possible to win. Sikandar doesn’t want to lose. Kulfi tells him that he isn’t well and can’t run much. He is sure to win.

She tells that she will coach them the game. Sikandar and his team gets coached by Kulfi. Lovely is upset seeing Sikandar wasting the time. She wants him to focus on the company. Sikandar gets tired. Kulfi gives him water. She takes care of him. He wants to win some how. Lovely tells him that she can’t see him in losses. He tells her that he wants to play and win for his happiness. She tells him that she wants his happiness. She wants to take him back to Mumbai. Sikandar and his team reach for the game. They get worried seeing JJ’s professional team.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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