Choti Sardarni Latest Promo Shocker for Meher

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Latest Promo Shocker for Meher Harleen has always supported Meher. She learns that Meher is pregnant with Manav’s child. She is much angry. Sarabjeet tries to explain that Meher had already told him about her pregnancy before marriage and accepted the child. He asks Harleen not to punish Meher. Harleen is upset that an illegitimate child will become the part of their family. She finds it difficult to forgive Meher for the big deceive. He tells her that he can’t back out from his promise, he has to protect Meher and her child.

Kulwant tells them that Meher’s coming child will become the heir of the family, not Param. She wants both the children to get equal share. This provokes Harleen further. She doesn’t want Param’s share to go to Manav and Meher’s child. Sarabjeet tries to melt Harleen’s heart towards Meher. Harleen opposes Meher completely. She feels Meher has fooled Sarabjeet knowing his goodness. She wants Sarabjeet to realize his big mistake. She gets determined to not give any rights or property share to Manav’s child. Sarabjeet calls Meher’s coming child as his child, since he has accepted the child’s responsibility heartily.

She yells at Meher for deceiving them so badly. She slaps Meher and keeps a shocking condition. She tells that she is ready to forgive Meher if she aborts the child. She wants Meher to get rid of the past baggage. She asks Meher to leave Sarabjeet. Meher gets stunned by the shocking condition. Sarabjeet wants Meher to not feel compelled. He tries to create a balance in his family.

Harleen is not in any mood to listen to Meher. All that she remembers is Meher’s huge lie. She blames Meher for ruining the family peace and happiness. Meher doesn’t feel at fault since she had told the truth to Sarabjeet long time back. How will Sarabjeet convince his sister? Keep reading.


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