Rishte Pyaar Abir blasts anger Huge confrontation

Rishte Pyaar Abir blasts anger Huge confrontation

Rishte Pyaar Abir blasts anger Huge confrontation Meenakshi tries to prove her richness by bearing the expenses for Mishti’s roka event organized by Kuhu. Parul knows it very well that Meenakshi is boasting her greatness and doesn’t have any emotions for Mishti. She feels Meenakshi can’t buy happiness by her money. She wants Abir to be happy. She thinks its time that she gets Abir’s life back on the track. She has seen Kunal suffering because of Meenakshi. She can’t see Abir suffering the same way. She knows its useless to explain Meenakshi how their sons’ lives got ruined. She decides to meet Mishti. Jugnu goes to Maheshwaris to help Kuhu in her work.

Jasmeet doesn’t think anyone needs to ask her anything, since her wish wasn’t asked in her son’s alliance talk. Vishwamber apologizes to Jasmeet. He asks her to accept Mishti for Nannu’s sake. Jasmeet doesn’t know Nannu is sensible to understand that Mishti doesn’t love him. She still obeys Vishwamber’s decision. Mishti stays disturbed thinking of Abir. She feels she ha failed in her love. Nannu appears happy to the family. Jasmeet wants him to be happy. Abir doesn’t want to think of Mishti. He thinks of her rude letter. He gets to see Mishti with Parul. He finds Parul apologizing and misunderstands Mishti again.

He reprimands Mishti for hurting his family. Mishti tells him that she doesn’t want to keep any terms with him. Mishti feels hurt. Abir goes to the hospital to collect Nanu’s medicines. He gets to see Nannu there. He learns about Nannu fighting with his drug addiction since ten years. He also learns about the party incident where someone spiked Nannu’s drink and put his life in danger. He didn’t knew the party’s incident before. Nannu tells the doctor that he isn’t foolish to ruin his hard work. He wants to look after himself well. Kuhu finds Mishti crying and cheers her up in her Kuhu style.

She asks Mishti to stay away from Abir since she is marrying Nannu now. She wants to secure Nannu’s happiness. She tells that Parul called her and told how Abir behaved. She feels Abir is wrong. Mishti refuses to meet Parul. She wants to just think of her family. Mishti asks Kuhu not to feel guilty. She tells that Abir is upset just because of Kunal. Kuhu feels much bad for Mishti. Nannu’s car breaks down. Abir finds him and offers him help. He asks Nannu about his health. Nannu doesn’t think Abir will take the matter well.

This puzzles Abir. Mishti feels Abir broke her dreams and she shouldn’t stay in the past. She seals her memories to move on in life. She imagines Abir who wants her to chase happiness. She feels she was wrong to think Abir is her happiness. Kuhu meets Abir and questions him about the bad behavior with Mishti. She wants him not to hurt Mishti like Kunal does always. She tells that Meenakshi is wrong to involve Nannu in her revenge. She asks Abir to question Kunal and Meenakshi about spiking Nannu’s drink. She begs him to spare her family.

She feels Rajvanshs got after her family badly. Abir learns Kunal’s big blunder and is shocked. He realizes his mistake. He blasts his anger on Kunal for his big mistake. He didn’t expect Kunal to be so insensitive. Abir learns Meenakshi’s cunning move to swap the letter. He gets Mishti’s letter and learns that he has got cheated by his mother again.

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