Shakti Colors Heer suffers a heartbreak Virat exposed

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Shakti Colors Heer suffers a heartbreak Virat exposed Shanno acts to support Heer and asks her to meet the guy. Heer prays to Mata Rani and says Gulabo used to say that you have solution for all the problems. She tells Mata rani about her problem and says I have an idea to get the solution. She says I will toss the coin, if heads comes then I can meet him tomorrow. She finds heads and decides to meet him. Virat’s Dadu asks him to go and meet the girl, appreciates him for the daring proposal. Virat tells him that he is not interested to meet the girl. Virat meets Heer and sings a romantic song. He goes ahead to propose her.

Virat proposes Heer in front of the college. Heer also likes Virat, but he refuses to him on seeing her brothers. She gets too upset when she learns that Virat doesn’t love her, it was just a bet for him, he didn’t mean the proposal. It gets shocking for her. She was liking his courage. She wanted to get his attention. Heer has big dreams of marriage. She wants to have a normal life like other girls. Soham gets angry on Virat. He warns him to mind his own business and not meet Heer again.

Virat breaks Heer’s heart and hope. Virat scolds Bunty for having a bet when he has no money to pay. Bunty tells him that he has no money. He asks Virat why is he insisting for money when he is so rich. Heer takes revenge on Virat. She tells the principal that Virat is misbehaving with her. Virat asks her not to lie. She wants to settle scores. She didn’t expect Virat to hurt her heart. Soham and Rohan don’t want their sister to get affected. They take her home and ask her not to discuss Virat’s matter at home.

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