YRKKH Goenkas new troubles by this upcoming twist

YRKKH Goenkas new troubles by this upcoming twist

YRKKH Goenkas new troubles by this upcoming twist Lav and Kush’s birthday celebrations are seen in Goenka house. Kartik and Naira want to make their birthday super special. They also try to get some time for their romance. Lav and Kush get bored with the family gathering. They want to party with their friends. Kartik misses Lav and Kush’s old bonding. He allows Lav and Kush to take his friends to their room. Lav and Kush have a separate party with their close buddies. They arrange beer and drink. Kairav and Vansh also want to try it. They don’t know that its something bad. Kairav insists for it.

Lav asks him not to tell his parents. Kartik and Naira find Kairav with the beer. They scold Lav for spoiling their son. Surekha gets against Kartik and Naira for not keeping their work and insulting her sons. Lav and Kush lie to hide their mistake. They get distant from Kartik. Kush isn’t much impulsive like Lav. Naira hopes to bring the brothers together. Goenkas face troubles when the inter-personal relations get spoiling.

Vidya Upcoming: Vidya gets delighted with the exam results. She is happy that the kids have got good results. She thanks Mata Rani for the happiness. Vivek is impressed with Vidya for fulfilling her words. Vivek’s mum learns that Vidya is an illiterate. She meets Vidya at the temple. She tells Vidya that since she is an illiterate, she has no match with Vivek, who is an educated and respectable officer. She asks Vidya to stay away from Vivek, since he will also face problems if her fraud gets known to the people. She doesn’t want Vivek to fall into troubles because of Vidya’s big lie.

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