Shubh Aarambh Colors Today Naati Pinky Upcoming

Shubh Aarambh Colors Today Naati Pinky Upcoming

Shubh Aarambh Colors Today Naati Pinky Upcoming Akash asks Pinky to tell Gagan’s truth to her parents. Ram doesn’t want to make Pinky a joke of her family. He meets Gagan to know about the truth. He finds a solution to Pinky’s problems. He asks Gagan to resign from his job and not have any association with Megha. Pinky is happy that Ram supported her. Dadi doesn’t think that Ram will ever change. Gagan gives his word that he won’t work with Megha. He doesn’t want to quit his job. Ram tries to handle the problem by giving his property to Gagan for his new business.

He plans to send Pinky back to Gagan and save her marriage. Pinky opposes Ram’s decision. She is thankful that Akash always helps her. She rebels and leaves the house. Dadi decides to leave the house, along with Pinky. Akash wants Pinky to win and get courage to fight for her life. Pinky informs Akash about Gagan coming to pick her. Akash tells a plan to save her. Gagan locks Pinky inside the cupboard.

Shubh Aarambh Colors

Rani realizes that the family is sweetly manipulating Raja by playing mind games with him according to his beliefs. Raja gets much influenced by his uncle. Rani wishes Raja to go to the shop and handle work. Raja wants to accompany his uncle and help. He has taken the decision to not visit the shop for a year, because of the blind beliefs of his uncle and aunt. Rani wants to find some way to end the blind beliefs from Raja’s mind. She gets help from Gita. She gets to see a diary, which can help her in her goals. His uncle and aunt try to stop Rani from showing the diary.

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