Bepanah Pyaar Wedding Blast Pragati Raghbir Sahas

Bepanah Pyaar Wedding Blast Pragati Raghbir Sahas

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Bepanah Pyaar Wedding Blast Pragati Raghbir Sahas Pragati is helpless to agree to Sahas’ proposal. She tells him that she will marry him to save Raghbir’s life. He asks her to promise that she won’t back out. He promises to save his life. He saves Raghbir by the antidote. Pragati knows that Raghbir will find her a cheater and hate her by losing faith in love. Raghbir recovers and apologizes to Pragati. Sahas tells about the harmful drugs found in his blood, which damaged his brain cells. Pragati tells Raghbir that Kunti is the person drugging him. Raghbir doesn’t want to listen. He asks Sahas not to provoke Pragati against Kunti. He doesn’t want Sahas to break his family.

Sahas keeps his promise that he will expose Kunti’s truth to Raghbir. He shows Kunti’s video to Raghbir and ruins his faith. Raghbir realizes that Kunti is responsible for Bani’s death. Sahas tells that Kunti wanted to kill him for the sake of acquiring property. Raghbir is heartbroken. Sahas tells that Harshit also wants his property and wants to make his life hell. Pragati tells that Harshit tried to kill her, and was confident that Raghbir will never believe her. Raghbir recalls the incidents and thinks Pragati was right. He apologizes and hugs her. He tells that they will never get separated now.

Pragati feels sorry that its too late. Sahas thinks Raghbir will be shocked to know about Pragati’s deal. Raghbir wants to go home and welcome Kunti with his plan to expose her truth. Pragati breaks down. Sahas takes Pragati with him and adorns her like a bride. He prepares for his marriage. Pragati is shattered. Raghbir confronts Kunti about the harmful drugs administered to him. Kunti and Harshit get worried knowing Raghbir has found the truth and also called the police.

Raghbir gets emotional, while Kunti still cheats him. He expresses his hatred for her. He learns the news of Pragati’s marriage. He goes to rescue her from Sahas. Sahas attacks Raghbir. Sahas snatches Pragati from Raghbir. They meet with an accident.

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