Beyhadh Mrityunjay Dia huge drama illusion for Maya

Beyhadh Mrityunjay Dia huge drama illusion for Maya

Beyhadh Mrityunjay Dia huge drama illusion for Maya Rudra looks after Maya’s wound. Maya loves him even more. Rudra and Maya have a moment. He orders the gifts for Maya. Antara thinks Maya is using Rudra badly. Dia calls Mrityunjay and commands him to meet her urgently. He doesn’t want anyone to control him. Rudra surprises Maya with the lovely gifts. Maya accepts colours in her life, just because of Rudra. She wears the dress of his choice and surprises him. Rudra likes to see her in colourful avatar. He adorns her with love. He tells that he wants to forget everything when she is with him. Maya’s mum and Rajeev irritate Mrityunjay’s family.

Mrityunjay finds Maya wearing coloured dress. Antara blames Maya for hurting Rudra. Rudra tells that Maya has taken good care of him. Mrityunjay wants revenge on her. Maya threatens him that she will settle scores. Rajeev asks Mrityunjay about his wound, the nail marks on his neck. He teases Mrityunjay. Maya doesn’t think that Mrityunjay can defeat her. Antara and Dia confront Mrityunjay about his new love affair with Maya. They misunderstand him, knowing his characterless ways. He defends that he isn’t after Maya. Mrityunjay asks Dia not to suspect him. She reveals her pregnancy news to him.

It comes as an unpleasant surprise for him. Maya is glad to divide them and rule. She has created this pregnancy illusion to make Dia against Mrityunjay. She wants the fake pregnancy to break up Mrityunjay and Dia’s strong team. He tells Dia that they can’t deal with the problem when they have to deal with Maya. He asks Dia to abort the baby. Dia feels much hurt. Maya enjoys watching them fight. Maya is sure that Dia will not support Mrityunjay. Dia goes to her hospital to carry out a sonography test. She realizes that she isn’t pregnant. She then sees a baby on the screen and turns emotional. Maya manages to mislead her by fake sonography clip.

Rudra isn’t aware of Maya’s plans and her battle with Mrityunjay’s team. Rudra wants to make Maya smile. He asks her to get ready and come to office. She melts his kiddish anger by her charm. Mrityunjay waits for Rudra to leave. He meets Maya again with his same ferocious motives. Maya wants Rudra to know about Mrityunjay and Dia’s illegitimate relation. Mrityunjay wants to be ahead of Maya. He wants Dia to support him and create an illusion for Maya. Will Dia break down and reveal Mrityunjay’s truth? Keep reading.

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