Kumkum Raabta Kundali Bhagyaa Upcoming Snips

Kumkum Raabta Kundali Bhagyaa Upcoming Snips

Kumkum Raabta Kundali Bhagyaa Upcoming Snips Malhar finds a file in the doctor’s cabin. He takes Kalyani to a doctor. Doctor checks Kalyani and tells Malhar that if this pregnancy reached full term then the pregnancy will be very complicated. Malhar gets teary eyes and emotional. Doctor adds that there is a chance that they may not save Kalyani during the delivery. Malhar keeps hand on unconscious Kalyani’s head and asks Doctor to make the arrangements and gets the abortion papers ready, says he is ready to sign. He decides to let the baby go to save Kalyani’s life, tells that nothing is precious to him than Kalyani. Kalyani is unconscious and doesn’t know about Malhar’s decision.

Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi gets touched with Ranbir’s words and promises never to leave him. She asks him if he gets married to Maya then if he will stop talking to her(herself). Ranbir says this will not happen, he will never stop talking to her. Prachi says Maya will not let you meet me, or talk to me, asks if he will not talk to her. Ranbir says how she will not let me talk to you and says first of all, why we are talking about Maya.

He says neither she will come in my life nor you will go away from my life. He assures her that he will not marry Maya under any circumstances. Prachi thinks how to rescue him from Maya’s trap. Dida figures out Pallavi’s interest in Rhea for Ranbir.

Kundali Bhagya: Mahira goes to the restaurant angrily and warns Preeta telling that Karan is her fiancé. She warns her to stay away from him. Preeta warns Mahira and asks her to stay away from Karan as he is her husband and she is his wife and calls Mahira as the second woman. Mahira gets angry and slaps Preeta. Karan gets angry and slaps Mahira. He warns her to stay away from Preeta and scolds her for raising her hand at Preeta. Sherlyn gets tensed thinking what is happening at the restaurant and feels that Mahira is doing her life’s biggest mistake by falling in Karan’s eyes and showing enmity on Preeta openly.


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