Kumkum Ishq Kundali Spoilers Highlights Upcoming

Kumkum Raabta Kundali Bhagyaa Upcoming Snips

Kumkum Ishq Kundali Spoilers Highlights Upcoming Prachi shows the fake marriage picture to prove that she is Ranbir’s wife. Ranbir also admits that she is saying the truth, he has married her in the temple. Ranbir’s parents Vikram and Pallvi don’t accept the marriage, which worries Ranbir. He tries to tell Pallavi that the girl is Prachi, she is helping them. He hugs Pallavi, who asks about the girl. He tells that Prachi is trying to save him from the engagement with Maya.

He asks her to tell Vikram and Dida as well so accept Prachi as their Bahu in front of Maya’s parents. Vikram and Dida learn about Prachi, and get into the drama. Maya’s mum gets angry on Prachi and demands her to show her face. She tells that she will not accept her words, unless she shows her face.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer is moved to know that Zara is ready to get married. Zara wants to know if Kabeer loves her. She thinks she has just a month time to test her destiny, if Kabeer and she can ever unite. She asks Kabeer not to tell her truth to anyone, else her alliance won’t happen. Zara’s mum tells them that she will guide him. Kabeer is surprised to meet her. Zara wants Kabeer to marry her.


Kundali Bhagya:
Sherlyn makes a dirty plan once again. She tells Mahira that she has to compel Karan for marriage by blackmailing him. Mahira wants to know her plans. Sherlyn asks her to get close to Karan in a way that he has no way to reject her. Sameer suspects Sherlyn and Mahira’s bonding. He knows Sherlyn is evil and against Aroras. He wonders why is Mahira being with Sherlyn. Karan and Preeta will be seen performing romantically in the Holi celebrations at Luthra house.

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  1. I don’t think this show is worth watching quite nauseating same sh#t every day did the producer lose some of the scripts because it’s all about plotting no story at all very very boring and such a waste of time and money

  2. So now is sherlyn 24 months pregnant, since when does a pregnancy go on for ages, and not the slightest of a bump. Mahesh needs to recover without memory loss.

  3. Kumkum and Kundali were the only 2 serials I used to watch on TV. Very soon I am planning to give up watching these highly boring, Stupid, Idiotic, Nonsensical, Waste of time, Storyless, negative, Villan based serials. They are only teaching wrong morals to the Viewers

  4. Please, for the sake of the viewers, stop plotting and plotting and plotting. Make us enjoy the story and have a relaxing free mind. The world is full of stress already yet you add more. I still watch This is fate on zee5 despite the fact that I don’t understand the Indian language because I am an African lady. I read up and watch….so please, I am begging you the writer to tamper mercy with justice and relieve us the viewers from this high tension and it will make it the best so far cause Karan and Preeta are the perfect match with a strong connecting chemistry that is highly visible and lovable. Thank you….kamsamidan

  5. End the whole shows and retire. All full of crap. I still can’t believe I watched kumkum bhagya for 6 years and evil still wins. Shame.


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