Beyhadh News Stunning twists Maya stoops lower

Beyhadh News Stunning twists Maya stoops lower

Beyhadh News Stunning twists Maya stoops lower Ananya tries to scare Maya. She tells Rudra that Maya is suspecting her intentions on seeing their friendship back on track. She tells that she didn’t like to upset Maya. Rudra tells Maya that Ananya is foolish, she can’t plan anything such. Aditya taunts Maya for plotting well and writing thrilling stories. Ananya thanks Maya for the cupcake. Maya controls her anger. Antara demands many properties as alimony to shock Mrityunjay. He can’t believe that she wants to leave him and his name. She feels she has already lost everything, Rishi and Rudra, and also her pride. She tells him that she has nothing left to lose, since she lost her fear. He hurts her.

She threatens him that she will expose his truth. She believes Maya was right about love. She insults Mrityunjay in the same way as he insulted her. He doesn’t want to accept her terms. Maya asks Rajeev to stay away from Aditya. Rajeev accepts that he loves Aditya. Maya gets upset. Rajeev gives her a good news, that Antara has ruined Mrityunjay’s peace by asking for divorce. Maya gets glad to know her plan is working. Maya sends a cat as a gift for Mrityunjay to taunt him about Antara’s rebellion.

Maya spends time with Rudra. She vents her anger about Ananya by tearing the pillow. She doesn’t let Rudra doubt on her. She tells him that she will get a new pillow for his comfort. He doesn’t think much of her intentional move. They romance and stay happy, away from Mrityunjay’s plans. Antara goes on flirting with the gym trainer in front of Mrityunjay to grow him jealous. She wants to teach him a lesson. Ananya tells Aditya that they have to plan something else to catch Maya red-handed.

He tells that they need to be smart and not let Maya know their plan to find her secrets. Mrityunjay gets angered to know from Sudhir about Antara’s cheap pictures on the dating site. He shouts on Antara and asks her not to dare such cheap things. Maya finds Antara’s profile on the dating site. She knows that Mrityunjay will not spare Antara now. She gets a surprise for Ananya. She gets worried when she gets alert by some strange perfume. She thinks to tackle Ananya first. Maya puts Antara’s dignity at stake. Antara loses her cool when she gets attacked by Maya’s plan. She doubts Mrityunjay and goes mad at him.


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