Raabta Malhar dead Promo Kalyani unveils secret

Raabta Malhar dead Promo Kalyani unveils secret

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Raabta Malhar dead Promo Kalyani unveils secret Malhar reaches an abandoned car and pulls off the cover asking Mastani to come out. He opens the car door and finds Aao Saheb tied and captive inside. He asks Aao Saheb, how did she come here? Aao Saheb tells Malhar that the lady was not Mastani bai, but Atharv. Malhar is shocked and couldn’t believe. The ladies hired by Atharv tell Kalyani that her shuddhikaran will be completed when she gets married to a kinnar.

They make Kalyani sit and tied and pour milk on her head. Atharv enjoys Kalyani’s suffering and says people believe on your lie so much that nobody want to believe on your truth. Anupriya helps Malhar reaches there and stops the Shuddhikaran/aborting the baby. Kalyani gets rescued by Malhar. They try to escape. Atharv follows them with heinous intentions.

Kalyani wants to tell Malhar the truth of the baby in her womb. She wants to tell the secret of carrying Malhar’s child by the IVF process, which she had undertaken instead Sampada for saving Moksh’s life. Malhar is still mistaken that she is pregnant with Rachit’s child.

Malhar wants to know if she is fine. Kalyani asks him to listen to him first. Atharv reaches them and reveals that he is Mastani. They get aware of Atharv’s truth. Atharv stabs Malhar to kill him. Kalyani cries for Malhar. Atharv feels Kalyani and her child will suffer without Malhar. Kalyani cries to tell Malhar about their coming baby. Will Malhar die while saving Kalyani from Atharv? Keep reading.

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Best comment by Shradha Tiwari:
I know malhar will save his wife and unborn child but I wish malhar and full family know all the truth about atharv and Kalyani pregnant with Malhar’s baby with ivf procedure.







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  1. Lilou Avatar

    I don’t know what Tujhse has in store for us. But it seems that the directors will stop the scene in progress from March 19 to 31 because of the Covid-19 virus. To protect the actors as well as possible. They will stop for a short while filming. Anyway .. I don’t know what he will be with kaliyani and his new look .. Malhar who gets stabbed .. Kaliyani who is in patient outfit at the hospital .. What he will be .. annoys to see that the grandmother of kaliyani is accomplice of his misfortune .. The series became unhealthy in the learning of family ties. The family ties are turned into the negative. Malhar and kaliyani who are and will be separated on misunderstandings .. Aeo Saeb who join the bad guys to harm kalma .. Anupriya who no longer has any place with kaliyani. To wonder because of who .. Kaka or another member of the family .. The family ties are put to the test .. It is disappointing and a pity. Or is the sacred bonds of the family trust love peace and helped .. Tiring of this track of Fiv .. Of Artharva in transgender but only shows the negative .. While I think it is a community which does not want to be shown that way. Because I don’t see the point of interpreting the current role in the script. I do not see why include it. What it brings to kalma I would think that we would be explained to us of what consists the own interest of this community. Arthava only show the negative. In short my simple opinion

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