Barister Babu Saudamini shocks Anirudh Upcoming

Barister Babu Saudamini shocks Anirudh Upcoming

Barister Babu Saudamini shocks Anirudh Upcoming Saudamini shocks Anirudh by her pleasing act towards Bondita. Bondita has many questions in her mind. She tells her that she met her when she was going to her village. She asks Saudamini about her relation with Anirudh. She wants to know who is Saudamini and how is she related to Roy family. She questions a lot. Saudamini reveals that she was going to marry Anirudh.

Bondita realizes that Saudamini is Anirudh’s good friend. Saudamini acts friendly and asks Bondita to regard her as elder sister from now. She tells Bondita that Anirudh didn’t keep his promise to get her mum home. Bondita tells that Anirudh has given a big task to her mum, that’s to manage his mango farms. Saudamini asks if she is missing her mum. Bondita tells that she is missing her mum badly and wants to stay with her. Saudamini makes a promise to her that she will send away Bondita home soon.

She tells that she will be convincing Anirudh to unite Bondita and her mum. Bondita doesn’t understand her hidden intentions. She accepts Saudamini’s friendship and starts calling her Didi. Anirudh gets puzzled seeing Saudamini and Bondita’s friendship. He didn’t expect Saudamini to take his marriage in this manner. Saudamini tries to charm Anirudh by her beauty and gets close to him. She thinks if Anirudh’s marriage with Bondita is just a relation of responsibility, then he shall not refuse her love.


Vidya decides to part ways with Vivek for the sake of securing his future. She is troubled by his mother, who is constantly trying to separate them. Vidya asks Vivek to promise her that he won’t risk his future if he loves her. She tells him that he shouldn’t confess of knowing her illiteracy truth. She tells him that he has to hide the truth for her sake. Vivek gets into the painful moment when she compels him to swear. Vivek fears that Vidya will get caught for the fraud. He knows she wasn’t at any fault, but still she is going to face the dire consequences.

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