Beyhadh Stunning Closure Maya weaponized for revenge

Beyhadh Maya Vikram past unveils Biggest revelation

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Beyhadh Maya Vikram past unveils Biggest revelation Mrityunjay and Maya shot at each other. He sees a guy taking away Maya from the spot. Mrityunjay faces the police enquiry about the shoot out. He tells the inspector that Maya was evil-minded and wanted revenge on his family, she had killed Rishi and even harmed Rudra. He tells that he doesn’t know about her reasons.

Rudra tells the inspector that he will find Maya before the police. He tells Aamir that he will punish Maya by burning her identity. He doesn’t want to spare her. He is much angered knowing she had killed Rishi. He learns that Maya’s car is found. He gets to visit the accident spot and gets an address. He realizes that the address is of Maya’s old house. He visits the place with Aamir and comes across Vikram. Vikram identifies Rudra.

He has kept Maya with him. He recalls stalking Maya since long and spotting her with Rudra earlier. He tries to lie to Rudra about Maya. Rudra enquires about Maya. Vikram lies that Maya doesn’t stay there now, he has bought the house three days back. He asks Rudra to come in and verify his details. Vikram treats him well so that he doesn’t get any doubt.

Rudra wants to know how does Vikram know Maya. Vikram recalls rescuing Maya after she was attacked by Mrityunjay for the first time. He treated Maya when she was in coma. He promised her that he will come to save her whenever she needs him. He was keeping a watch on her and learnt that she is in danger because of Mrityunjay again. Vikram is her old savior. He tells Rudra that he didn’t meet Maya, he bought the house by broker’s contacts. Rudra tells him that he couldn’t identify Maya’s truth. Maya recalls the time when she lost the baby and learnt about Vikram, who saved her life. Back in flashback, Vikram tells her everything about himself. He asks her to tell about herself.

Maya took his help just to take revenge on Mrityunjay. She feels sorry to use him for her motives. She tells him that someone kidnapped her and wanted to kill her. Vikram tells her that Krishna comes on the earth to show them the right path. He shares his knowledge obtained from Gita. Vikram gives her a new name, Maya. Rudra breaks Vikram’s thoughtful moment and checks the house. Vikram gets stressed that Rudra may see Maya. He blocks Rudra from checking the room upstairs. Rudra suspects him when he refuses to allow him upstairs. Vikram clears his doubt by letting him check the room. Rudra doesn’t see Maya.

He recalls the memories of Maya and him. Vikram also holds much of her memories. He believes that Maya is a nice girl, true and simple. He wants to selflessly support her. Rudra tells him that his trust has been stabbed. Rudra doesn’t see Maya, who is much close to him. Vikram has cleverly shifted her by giving her sleeping pills. Rudra promises to kill Maya. He tells that he will take revenge on Mrityunjay. Vikram happens to be Maya’s obsessed lover. He lies to her that he is her husband. Maya and Vikram’s obsession will clash in the coming track. She wants to get free and return to Rudra, who has become her enemy now.

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