Naati Pinky Promo New entry to cause chaos

Naati Pinky Promo New entry to cause chaos

Naati Pinky Promo New entry to cause chaos Pinky tells Sunny that she doubts on Arjun’s words as his voice was stumbling when he was talking to her. She says he is hiding something from them, why he had gone to her father’s terrace and how he fell down. Nurse gives her Nalini’s phone. Pinky goes out to give phone to Nalini.

Meanwhile, Nalini spots Gagan in the hospital and questions him about his purpose of visit. She tells him that she was silent because of Pinky’s father, but if anything happens to either Pinky or Arjun then she will make him see the jail. Pinky sees them talking. Gagan tells Nalini that he has come to make Arjun understand not to open his mouth that he had pushed him from the terrace.

Pinky is shocked and thinks Arjun lied to them, she was right. She confronts Arjun for his lie and says she thought him as super hero, but he was an ordinary citizen. She asks him how can he get scared of a villain and asks him to see how she gets Gagan jailed.

She comes to the Police station and tells Inspector that Gagan Bharadwaj has attempted to kill Arjun. She asks him to file case against Gagan. Inspector hesitates to file case against Gagan fearing Ram. Pinky tells that her life has become an action film. Gagan questions Pinky and asks why Arjun stands with her always, as they are having an affair. Arjun lies that he has an affair with Pinky to save her from Gagan. Arjun’s mother returns in his life and tells that she will bring his life on the right track, even if she has to do anything for it.

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