Beyhadh Maya new find Vikram exposed upcoming

Beyhadh Maya new find Vikram exposed upcoming

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Beyhadh Maya new find Vikram exposed upcoming Maya is trapped by Vikram, who is her ex-husband. Rudra wants to kill Maya by his hands. He wants to take revenge on her. Vikram learns about Rudra’s visit at the pub. He takes Maya close to Rudra. He hurts Rudra, when Rudra vents anger on Rishi’s loss due to Maya’s madness. Maya doesn’t remember Rudra. She wants to know about Rudra further.

She realizes Vikram’s lie when she finds the phone line disconnected. Vikram asks Maya not to get scared, Rudra is arrested by the police. Rudra recovers from his injury. He reveals to Mrityunjay that he has seen Maya, she is alive and has someone in her life. Mrityunjay wants to be sure of Rudra’s words. He thinks if this can be true, since Maya was claiming to truly love Rudra. Vikram tells Maya about their marriage ceremony. He takes care of her.

She gets allergic to nuts. Vikram gets the medicines. Maya wants to be alone. She analyses if Vikram is saying the truth about their relation. She wants to find out the truth behind her unknown past. Vikram apologizes to her for not knowing her allergies. Maya wants to know if he really loves her. She tells that she will be cooking food for him. She spies on Vikram. She stays occupied with Rudra’s thoughts, still unaware of his identity and appearance. She gets to learn more lies of Vikram. She gets confused. She finally finds Rajeev, hidden captive inside Vikram’s cupboard.

She tries to recall her relation with Rajeev, the person who always helped her. Vikram soon returns home and gets worried on not finding Maya. He then finds her sleeping. He realizes that she has seen Rajeev and acted to be sleeping. Nandini misses Maya. She wishes that Maya and Rudra are together. She blesses Maya and hopes that Maya comes to protect her from Vikram. Sudhir asks Mrityunjay to stop Rudra from meeting Maya, else their secret will come out.

Mrityunjay tells that Rudra hates Maya now. Antara is sure that Rudra will never forgive Rishi’s killer. Sudhir tells that if Maya chases his family, then he won’t spare her. Mrityunjay assures that he will handle Maya. Vikram scares Maya. Maya gets to see Nandini captive and receives another big shock. She tries to escape from Vikram’s clutches and attacks him in defense.

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