Colors Shakti Lovers battle Virat Heer declaration

Colors Shakti Lovers battle Virat Heer declaration

Colors Shakti Lovers battle Virat Heer declaration Sant baksh gets angry seeing Virat exposing his truth and giving him an answer. He asks Simran to wipe out sindoor from Virat’s hand and no sign shall be left out. Simran tries to wash away sindoor from Virat’s hand, but he holds his hand tightly. Heer reminisces her marriage with Virat and gets emotional. Mahi brings sindoor and gives to her.

Heer gets thankful to her and hugs her. She is about to fill her maang when Preeto comes and stops Heer. Heer is unstoppable and goes ahead on filling her maang with sindoor and tells that she will live and die for Virat. Virat also says the same, that he will live and die for Heer.

She asks Preeto to bring one more bucket and wash away sindoor from her forehead. She says whenever she(Preeto) washes it away, she will apply it again. Preeto holds Mahi’s hand and takes her from there. She thinks marriage happened and Sindoor is filled in her maang, but Heer’s truth will come out. She takes Mahi and scolds her, asking her from where suddenly her motherly love got awakened in her. Mahi tells that she got emotional for the first time seeing Heer’s pain and got helpless. Heer decides to do what her heart says.

Sant Baksh beats Virat and says you are dead for us. He throws him out of the house shocking his family members. Virat comes to Harak Singh’s house. Harak Singh and Veeran comes and asks what are you doing here? Virat shouts aloud that he has left his house and family and came to take Heer. Harak Singh asks Veeran to tie him. Heer asks Preeto to leave Heer else she will slit her throat and will die. Preeto gets shocked. Soham tries to help Heer, but Rohan stops him again. Preeto gets shocked seeing Heer threatening to die for Virat. She recalls Virat-Heer love story resembling Soumya and Harman’s love story.

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