Beyhadh Vikram terrible truth Maya meets Nandini

Beyhadh Vikram terrible truth Maya meets Nandini

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Beyhadh Vikram terrible truth Maya meets Nandini Maya gets scared of Vikram, who appears mad to her. Vikram tells her that he loves her a lot and wants to spend romantic time. He tells that she is his life and he can do anything for him. He tells that she can’t get free of him, he can’t leave her even after their death. Maya begs him to spare her. She sheds tears and angers him.

He tells her that he doesn’t like to see her crying. He asks her to just calm down and not anger him by her sorrow. He tells that he will always love her, she is his princess, she will be happy. He asks her to just prepare the dish, as per their cooking plan. He tells that he can kill anyone for her sake.

She turns terrified when he warns her about spying around in the house. He tries to dispose Rajeev’s body. Maya tries to seek help from someone who reaches the door for the delivery. Vikram doesn’t want anyone to know his secret. She saves the man from getting attacked by Vikram. Vikram doesn’t know that she is trying to get help. He then realizes that she wants to run away. He asks her to not change herself. Maya attacks Vikram and tries to run out of the house. Vikram doesn’t let her run out. Vikram stays injured.

He tries to stop Maya. Maya gets to see Nandini captive. She gets some flashes of Nandini. She frees Nandini and realizes that they are related. Nandini asks them why Rudra didn’t come to save them. Maya has no memories of Rudra. She asks Nandini who is Rudra. Rudra misses Maya and thinks of their love story. He loved her immensely. He didn’t think that she will become an unforgettable memory for him. He yearns for Maya.

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He cries for her and then realizes that she has killed Rishi. He also remembers that Maya saved his life. Vikram reaches Maya and Nandini. Vikram doesn’t let Maya escape. Nandini asks Maya not to believe the lie, Vikram isn’t her husband. Vikram asks Maya not to cross her limits again. He threatens to kill Nandini. Mrityunjay will soon begin to track Maya.

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