Shakti Harak to kill Virat Heer secret under wraps

Shakti Harak to kill Virat Heer secret under wraps

Shakti Harak to kill Virat Heer secret under wraps Sant baksh gets furious with Virat. Virat leaves his family, surname and wealth for Heer. Sant Baksh throws him out of house. Harak Singh tells Heer that if she insists on the same thing then he will kill Virat. Heer asks him to kill her instead of Virat. She says I have full right to know why you don’t want to accept my marriage.

Heer asks Preeto to tell why she didn’t want to accept her marriage. She says everyone is liars. Harak Singh asks if they are nobody for her and tells that they are her blood and family. Heer can’t see anything beyond Virat. She says if there is no Virat then there will be no Heer. She says everyone is liars. Nobody wants to accept her marriage and sindoor, but Heer believes that she is married to Virat.

Soham looks at Rohan and thinks the family is lying to keep Heer away from Virat. Furious Saya throws Nutan out to house for supporting Heer. Nutan swears to return if they do anything against Heer. Rohan takes Heer to room and thinks when you come to know the truth then you will realize that we are not wrong. Virat throws away his bank cards and gives his wallet to the saint baba. The Saint Baba ties thread on his hand, blessing him for success.

He reaches Harak Singh’s house and tells that he has left his house and family and has come here to take Heer. Rohan takes him outside and asks him to stay away from Heer. Virat refuses. Harak Singh brings his gun and shoots at Virat. Virat shouts Heer. Heer hears his voice and threatens to kill herself. She asks them to let Virat go home safely. Everyone gets shocked seeing Harak Singh trying to kill Virat to save Heer’s truth to be known to everyone. He decides to kill Virat to end all the problems.

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  1. I can’t believe this show is still on air, it’s a catastrophic show that did harm to kinnar more than giving solution to these unfortunate human beings, i was proud of it when it first started but as time passed bay i lost interest and faith of it, stop using these peaple to make more money


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