Sony Amber Guneet Blooming love Final episodes

Sony Amber Guneet Blooming love Final episodes

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Sony Amber Guneet Blooming love Final episodes Nia clears to Kabir that she won’t be happy by taking advantage of their friendship, she wants to make herself on her own. He wants her to understand his real emotions. He tells her that he misunderstood her on seeing her with Randeep. He confesses that he got angry and felt really bad.

He apologizes to her. She tells him that Randeep was leaving and she just gave a farewell hug to him. She apologizes and clears Kabir’s misunderstanding. Kabir and Nia want to sort out their issues. He tells her that he will never leave from her life by breaking their friendship. He wants to favor her in her new start up.

She missed his support a lot. He asks her to never fight with him alone. Swara finds them in a moment. She wants to know Nia’s place in Kabir’s life. Amber and Guneet get happy to see Kabir and Nia friendly again. She tells him that their plan has worked. Amber is glad too. Guneet asks Amber to talk to Nia. Nia thanks Amber for the surprise. Shri asks Kabir if he has confessed love to Nia. Kabir doesn’t want to talk about it. Swara wants to know about it. Shri tells Swara about Kabir and Nia’s moment.

He changes the story and makes Kabir sound silly. Swara gets in much love with Kabir, and thinks Nia is just his friend. Nia is sure that her patience will pay off. Kabir gets mistaken about Swara. Nia heads to meet the first client. She gets an approval. She promises to work hard and thanks the client. Nia returns home and gives the good news to Amber about her first investor. Amber congratulates her. Nia encourages Amber to confess his feelings to Guneet.

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4 responses to “Sony Amber Guneet Blooming love Final episodes”

  1. Arjun Avatar

    Latest in all these 3 serial

  2. Hajra Rannie Edler Avatar
    Hajra Rannie Edler

    I love Varun’s acting the role of the colourful Amber Sharma. He’s just too good. I love this show especially the bond between father daughter and the chemistry they share with the entire team is just superb. I like everyone in the show; rarely you get to watch like this.

  3. Sunita Bahadur Avatar
    Sunita Bahadur

    Great show..very modern outlook

  4. Jyoti Srivastava Avatar
    Jyoti Srivastava

    Hlw…my family loves the acting of varun and shweta tiwari alot..they doing their best and we love that…in this quarantine we have a reason to stay at home…hopefully there is a huge thanks to director and writer of the serial..u guys are amazing..we love ur serial by heart…

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