Kumkum Bhagya Zee Romance Throwback Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Special Kutumb Episode 13th July

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Romance Throwback Abhi Pragya Abhi misses Pragya and sheds tears. He feels the tears won’t stop. He asks the clouds how does it stop itself after raining. He thinks there is no way to stop the tears, when the memories of his wife start flowing into his mind. Abhi cherishes the memories of Pragya. He feels love has become a reason for the love. He knows that Pragya is the cure of his pain.

He wants Pragya to prove that love can heal any pain. He hopes that she returns soon. He is much hurt after losing Kiara and then Pragya. He finds it hard to live without Pragya. The hope that she will return to him keeps him alive. He imagines Pragya coming to end his sorrow. Pragya wipes off his tears and heals his pain.

Abhi gets delighted to see her. He wants to know where was she. She tells him that she is always with him, in his heart. He tells her that she just comes when he is in pain. She tells him that his wait will end soon. He tells that he wants to close his eyes forever so that he can see her. She doesn’t want him to punish himself. He doesn’t want her to leave him. She promises that she will always be with him, she has come into the world just for him, she can never part ways with him. They share a hug. Abhi regrets over the past.

He is scared that she will leave soon after coming too late. She asks him to shed all the fears. He tells her that he wants the time to stop, so that she is always with him. She tells him that they will always be together. They have a moment of lifetime togetherness in the single instance. Pragya goes away after his dream ends. Abhi gets too depressed that she isn’t with him for real.

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  1. Love.always.wins. Time foVlaudiar.real issues of a unitef familyI look forward to realistic.episodes.and not.foolishness.where.Abhi cannot find Pragya.in this 21st century.Time for.family.life for the love birds.Keep
    safe and stay blessed

  2. It’s high time to stop all the melo dramas people are waiting to see Abhi and Pragnya. The serial is on them so show that there is always the Vijay of truth. Please bring positive change as such every one is tired of negativity

  3. please throwback abhigya november 5th 2018 fasting episode. i love the episode, especially where he gave her a ring.


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