Starplus Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Innocent tale revisited

Starplus Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Innocent tale revisited

Starplus Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Innocent tale revisited Kulfi Kumar Bajewala always had the news of bringing a generation leap with grown up Amyra and Kulfi, tagging the show’s Season 2 without Mohit Malik as the lead. It then chose the path of closure with a proper ending, much needed by the viewers.

Sikandar had to get rid of his evil wife Loveleen, who luckily gets a change of heart in the climax, when she gives up her life and dies in an attempt to save Sikandar, knowing he is the best support pillar for her daughter Amyra. Still, Amyra’s father Tevar’s entry was much missed in the Season finale. Tevar was missing, which made the viewers feel the lack of charm in the story’s end.

The show about a little girl Kulfi in search of her father has been heart touching. Sikandar falls in love with a simple village girl Nimrat and marries her secretly. When he is asked to choose his progressive career or his love, he gets torn between his responsibilities towards his family and Nimrat. He chooses his family and the richness, proposed by Loveleen’s dad Tony. He marries Loveleen to get hold of her influential contacts and richness. Sikandar isn’t aware that Nimrat is pregnant. He becomes a proud father of Amyra, who is actually Loveleen and Tevar’s child. He doesn’t know about Loveleen’s affair.

Nimrat names her daughter Kulfi, after reminiscing Sikandar’s wish. She raises Kulfi single-handedly and stays with her brother Sittu. Kulfi and Amyra grow up into pretty little girls. Their lives are completely different. Amyra is much pampered by Sikandar and Loveleen. She means a world to them. On the other hand, Kulfi is tormented by Sittu’s wife. Kulfi gets blessed with huge talents just like Sikandar. She is a born singer. She sings in every situation and stays happy. Cute Kulfi’s journey begins to find her father.

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