Arnav Khushi Shocking surprise IPKKND Starplus

Arnav Khushi Shocking surprise IPKKND Starplus

Arnav Khushi Shocking surprise IPKKND Starplus Payal doesn’t want Khushi to talk about Arnav so much that she falls in love with him. Khushi tells that she has to pay back the car damage charges to Arnav. She wants a job. Payal asks who will help her in getting a temporary job. Khushi thinks that Shyam may help her in this task.

Khushi tells Payal that she will call Shyam and ask him for help. On the other hand, Anjali goes ahead with the puja, while Nani is busy taunting her Bahu Manorama. She respects a goat more than Manorama. She tells Arnav that many things are important than money. She makes him attend the puja. Khushi calls up Shyam to ask for help.

He is ready to help her in getting a job. She tells him that she is ready to do any job for money. She tells that she has to earn much money in two weeks. He asks her about the emergency. She gets hesitant to share her problem. He doesn’t want her to feel odd. He assures that he will help her. Arnav spends some time gardening in the lawn. He keeps himself engaged. Anjali tries again to calm his mind. Khushi gets talking about Arnav once again. She is positive that she will get the job. Payal doesn’t want her to do anything wrong again and upset Bua ji. Anjali didn’t wish Arnav to hurt himself and grow hatred in his life.

She asks him to let go of his hatred. He doesn’t want to put everything on his fate. He tells her that he will not wait and make his own fate. Bua ji gets a chance to complain about Khushi. She tells about the new work order. She wants to complete the order. Khushi asks Bua ji to give her a chance to meet the client and fix the deal. She reaches Arnav’s house and gets an entry to show the samples. Anjali informs Arnav about the doctor’s arrival. She doesn’t want him to take his health lightly.

Arnav misses to see Khushi. She meets Anjali and takes Bua ji’s designer saris for the deal. Anjali finds her sweet. Their conversation gets funny. Khushi leaves Anjali impressed. She shows the designer saris and delights her. Arnav gets his sugar level checked. Anjali wants Arnav to take some rest at home. Arnav goes to get his phone. Khushi enters his room by mistake. They have a hit and miss. They then come face to face with each other, and get into a big brawl.

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