New on Hotstar Vacation Endearing tale with twists

New on Hotstar Vacation Endearing tale with twists

New on Hotstar Vacation Endearing tale with twists A woman Sarita meets a man at the taxi stand. They both are in their golden years. He introduces himself as Rakesh. He tells that he always pre-books the taxi. He asks her about her husband. He tells her that he is also a member of the laughter club. She apologizes for failing to recognize him. He flirts with her, since he is still a bachelor.

He couldn’t get rid of his flirtatious nature. He shares his trip plans. She wants a taxi to reach the station on time. His cab arrives. He asks her to come along, he will drop her on the way to the railway station. He asks her to tolerate him for few hours until their journey ends. She tells him about her husband’s stay in Delhi. They share their likes and dislikes. They get excited to talk about their holiday plans. She tells him that responsibilities got bigger and then her life passed like a blink of an eye.

She tells that she is over sixty years of age now, her children got so busy in work that her life is just filled with loneliness. Then a truth is revealed, that Rakesh is her husband. Their cute drama comes to an end. Rakesh cheers her up and tells that their children love them, even if they stay away. He wants Sarita to be happy without them, since they have no responsibility now, they have much time to spend together like the old days. They have a cute fight on the way to their holiday destination.

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