Kahaan Hum Weirdest twist Ronakshi naughty recall

Kahaan Hum 2020 Starplus Show that Started ended well

Kahaan Hum Weirdest twist Ronakshi naughty recall A sweet misunderstanding between Rohit and Sonakshi lands them in the most awkward situation on their special night. Rohit asks the staff to book the hotel room for Sonakshi and him. The staff person also leaves naughty gifts for them, which gives them wrong impressions about each other. Rohit plans to romance Sonakshi. He doesn’t know what is she expecting from him.

He thinks if she is going to attack him like a lioness. He thinks she is trying the strange costume. He mimics her while she thinks he has come to scare her. She gets jitters like a daily soap bahu feels on her wedding night. Rohit asks Sonakshi if she is completely okay. Sonakshi is scared that he is going to handcuff her.

She has seen the naughty gift, the romantic handcuffs and thinks he has planned something really odd. Rohit gets a wrong meaning after listening to her. He thinks she is up to something weird. They both think of not disappointing each other. She is troubled to find another gift, which could also be a whip. Rohit thinks she didn’t wear the costume thankfully. Sonakshi tells him that she never did such a thing before. Rohit tells her that even he didn’t play such weird game before. He gives the idea credit to her.

She tells him that she will not give up. They both get into a hilarious conversation on their special night. She wants to know what did he think before coming. He tells her that its her idea and she has to listen to him. She clears his misunderstanding that its not her idea to have such romance escapade. She tells him that she didn’t get such weird gifts. Rohit clears out that even he isn’t behind this not-so-great idea. They share a laugh over the idea of a naughty night.Note: Due to Covid-19 situation, the current show updates have stopped. We will try to collect any upcoming news and provide to you to balance out the shows abrupt closure. You may still find the upcoming news on the website. Comment below if you find any alternate content interesting or willing to read on Tellyreviews. Thanks for the continued support.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kahaan Hum Weirdest twist: 5/5
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Best Comment by Jazz:
Missing khkt and especially Ronakshi and the magical chemistry they had shown on screen.
Wow phenomenal. Something to die for we can say. During my quarantine time I m rewatching khkt on hotstar and since the characters are so close by now, falling in love with it all over again.


  1. Lol this sequence was hilarious to watch ..
    The naughty ideas of the receptionist simran..handcuff whip game at least made Ronakshi laugh it all Loud at the end..

    Wish this beautiful storyline could have prolonged little more longer, not ended so abruptly .
    The audiences literally enjoyed every episode so genuinely n we fans were looking forward for many more refreshing episodes in khkt.
    Unfortunately this did not happen ..
    But hoping to have Ronakshi again may be in another story or season 2 if at all the channel would ‘reconsider to air on
    Fingers crossed .

  2. Truly missing ronakshi.There beautiful bonding and love for each other.Hope there will be a season 2 for khkt.I suggest whoever loved this amazing daily soap can re-watch all the episodes on hotstar as many of us r doing.
    The fans


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