Kundali Bhagya Second biggest twist Prithvi’s evil entry

Kundali Bhagya Second biggest twist Prithvi's evil entry

Kundali Bhagya Second biggest twist Prithvi’s evil Karan suspects Preeta’s intentions after getting brainwashed by Sherlyn and Kareena. He thinks that she is a gold digger and is after his richness. Preeta clears his misunderstandings by her sweet polite behavior. He looks for the evidences against Sherlyn. He wants to be sure if Rishabh is marrying a right girl.

Sherlyn hides about her affair with Prithvi, who conspires to get Luthras’ property by using Sherlyn. Both of them try to extract the money from Luthras by fooling them. Karan and Preeta then decide to find the proofs against Sherlyn to stop the marriage. They don’t share their findings with Rishabh and keep the matter a secret.

Rishabh still stays in regret that he lost Preeta. He was so willing to marry Preeta, knowing she is a gem at heart. Preeta is Rishabh’s first love. Karan likes Preeta’s brilliant plan to spy on Sherlyn and her boyfriend. It gets confirmed to Karan that Sherlyn is in relationship with someone. Though, he doesn’t learn about Prithvi. Sherlyn and Prithvi’s truth get exposed to Mahesh, who swears to expose their affair and stop the marriage. Prithvi takes a big step to commit his accident and stop him from reaching the family.

Prithvi’s evil truth comes out in front of Mahesh. Mahesh meets with the accident, and slips into a coma state for years to come. Mahesh’s fragile state makes Luthras get into a fragile mental state. Sherlyn cleverly frames Preeta in the accident case. Though Rishabh doesn’t believe the blames on Preeta, but Karan gets doubtful about her. He ends his blossoming friendship. Preeta’s engagement gets fixed with Sherlyn’s evil boyfriend Prithvi. Prithvi also falls for Preeta’s beauty and gets obsessed.

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