YRKKH Starplus Naitik Akshara eternal bond rewind

YRKKH Starplus Naitik Akshara eternal bond rewind

YRKKH Starplus Naitik Akshara eternal bond rewind Naitik and Akshara get married by an arranged alliance. Post marriage, they have a cute conversation about their responsibilities and rights increasing for the guy and the girl. Naitik tells her that though her responsibilities have increased, her rights will still be same, they will always be friends, even if they are husband and wife.

He tells her that he believes in equality, freedom and peace. He asks her to just be his friend and not feel burdened by his expectations. He doesn’t want her to feel inferior or dominated in their relation. He treats her like a good friend. He tells her that he will help her in setting up her wardrobe. They have a cute moment, filled with understanding and respect.

They just want their relation to stay strong. The unspoken love highlights their romance. Naitik tells Akshara that he will wait for her hints so that they can take their relation ahead. He tells that their relation is of lifetime, but he doesn’t want their romance to take a lifetime for completion. He tries to end her awkwardness. He tells that he likes her naughty and innocent side. He wants her to keep smiling, so that he feels happy seeing her. He asks her if there is any wish that he could complete.

He decides to join the family business until he gets a job of his choice. He takes the decision on Akshara’s advice. The family gets too happy knowing Naitik is going to the office to support his elders. Gayatri realizes that Akshara is behind his decision. Naitik pleases Akshara by keeping her word. He fulfills the promise given to his wife. He asks Akshara if they are friends now. Akshara tells Naitik that they are friends. They find a moment of happiness. Gayatri feels insecure to lose her son to Akshara. Naitik’s dad is happy that Akshara has maturely handled Naitik and convinced him to join the family business.

He tells that Naitik will not miss out a good job now, he will get involved in the family business. Gayatri just wants Naitik to stay happy. She doesn’t want Naitik to lose out his dreams. He tells her that its a good news for them that Naitik is joining the business, even Dadda ji will be glad to know this. He is happy with the outcome brought by Akshara’s efforts. He asks her to be happy as well. Naitik and Akshara prove to be an ideal couple with love and respect.

Akshara informs Rajshri that Naitik has joined the office, she is ironing his shirt and helping him get ready. Rajshri is delighted to know about the good change in Akshara’s life. Rajshri feels lonely without her daughter in the house. Naitik praises Akshara’s favorite hero so that she compliments him. He wants her to say a few good things about him. He asks her if she thinks he is more handsome than her favorite hero. She compliments his looks. It makes Naitik’s day.

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YRKKH Starplus Naitik Akshara eternal bond rewind currently airing on Starplus instead the new episodes.


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