Dil Hi Toh Episode 3 Rithvik breaks out of coma

Dil Hi Toh Episode 3 Rithvik breaks out of coma

Dil Hi Toh Episode 3 Rithvik breaks out of coma It gets too painful for Palak to decide to keep Rithvik on life support or let him go to free him from the pain. Noons sink in sorrow over Rithvik’s state. Palak encounters Rithvik once again. She is having an inner conflict about saving Rithvik or unplugging him.

Rithvik tells her that he is always with her, he doesn’t need any unplugging, he is in her heart and will be there. He asks her to let him go. Palak doesn’t want Rithvik to go forever. She meets Rithvik and decides to not let him go. Vikrant knows that Palak is broken down due to the sorrowful time. He just wants to help her out.

He joins her meditation class and entertains the ladies by good sarcasm. He wants Palak to end the problems. A girl flirts with him until she learns that he is married to Palak. Vikrant tells Palak that nothing will happen to Rithvik. He takes her to Rithvik and asks her to shout on him. Vikrant feeds the words in her mind and asks her to yell at Rithvik to make him react. Palak tells Rithvik that she has married Vikrant just for his sake. Vikrant gets depressed and leaves them alone. Palak threatens Rithvik that she will move on in her life with Vikrant if he doesn’t get up. Vikrant knows that they love each other a lot, its their true love and complicated. He understands her. He hopes that Rithvik reacts and comes out of the coma. Palak also hopes that her plan works. Rithvik asks her to be positive.

Vijay feels sorrowful that he has to let Rithvik go away. Palak and Vikrant come home, looking cheerful and positive. Palak gives new hopes to Vijay. She tells that Vikrant will be calling a new specialist for treating Rithvik. Aman and Shivam want Rithvik to get saved. They dislike Vikrant’s holiday plans when everyone is tensed.

Shivam argues with Vikrant and criticizes him. Vikrant apologizes to him. The family favors Vikrant. Mamta and Reva also support Vikrant, who is taking good care of the family and Rithvik’s daughters. Mamta tells Setu that Vikrant isn’t her son, but he is more than a son, having handled all their issues. Reva and Ananya ask Setu to plan something to end Palak and Vikrant’s distance. They make party plans to bring the couple together. Palak enjoys the party. Setu advises her to move on. Palak tells her that she doesn’t feel for Vikrant, just Rithvik is her husband. Everyone is sure that Palak will never forget Rithvik.

Vikrant and Palak have a great time with their friends. They get intoxicated. Later, everyone tries to bring them closer. Vikrant plans to confess his feelings to Palak. She likes the sight of lightning bugs. Vikrant asks her out about their relationship, to get an honest reply. She tells him that they are just friends. Rithvik finally breaks out of the coma state.

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