Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet Meher comes for her haldi ceremony, unwillingly, after losing her love Manav. Param asks the people not to apply the haldi colour to Sarabjeet. He thinks they are staining Sarabjeet’s face. He reacts angrily. He pours water on Sarabjeet’s face and washes off the haldi.

The people are stunned and name it a bad omen. Meher and Sarabjeet see Param’s innocence behind his mistake. They don’t react when Kulwant creates a drama. The function proceeds. Everyone seems much happy that Param is going to get a new mother. Sarabjeet too wants Meher to be Param’s mother first and then his wife. He doesn’t know her side of story. Yuvi loves Meher a lot and commits a mistake too. He doesn’t want Meher to become Param’s mother.

He breaks the water pot meant for Meher, which came from her in-laws. Meher gets touched with Yuvi’s true emotions. Yuvi tells them that he will not let them take Meher along. After a while, Sarabjeet convinces Param that they will be fulfilling haldi rituals just to take his mother home. Param agrees to him. Meher refuses for the forced haldi. She feels Kulwant has been much unjust in killing her love and expecting her to be joyful. She declares that she doesn’t want to get the haldi ceremony done.

Kulwant covers up that Meher loves her and doesn’t want to get married. Kulwant storms into Meher’s room and slaps her, reminding her about the affair with Manav. She threatens to hurt her child if she refuses for the haldi. Meher stops Kulwant from hurting her more. She reminds that the shagun ceremony is already done. She shows her wounds.

She tells Kulwant that everyone would have seen the wounds to prove Kulwant’s love. Kulwant is shocked and fears that her truth will be exposed. Kulwant tells her that she doesn’t want to give her any sorrow. She emotionally blackmails Meher to convince her for the haldi.

She justifies her crimes, done for the betterment of Meher’s future. She wants to heal Meher’s wounds. Meher hates her for killing Manav. The haldi becomes a healer for Meher. Kulwant tells Meher that she isn’t wrong since she has saved her daughter’s life from turning into hell. She counts her hardships in raising her children without her husband’s support. She wants Meher to know her true intentions. She tells that she is evil for the world, but never wrong for her children.

Meher disagrees since she has seen Kulwant killing Manav, when he wasn’t at any fault. Kulwant applies haldi to Meher and gets her back to the function. She tells Sarabjeet’s family that Meher was upset and missed her dad. She cleverly takes the matter in her favor. Sarabjeet and Meher’s haldi ceremony completes, but not without Manav. Manav appears infront of Meher’s eyes. Meher longs for him and sheds tears of loneliness. She misses him and feels sorry that he had to pay for his love by giving away his life. Manav applies the haldi to Meher. An emotional moment follows.

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