Alt Latest Amazing drama Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 11

Alt Latest Amazing drama Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 11

Alt Latest Amazing drama Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 11 Palak helps Rithvik regain consciousness. Rithvik greets Samuel’s wife and asks her if she has kept the gun away. Palak calls up Vikrant to inform that she is safe. She gets troubled by poor network issues. Reva blocks Rithvik’s card. She knows that Aman is also involved in the boys’ planning.

Aman gets worried by her anger. He thinks his marriage will break while saving Rithvik’s marriage. Shanaya and Kartik bond over the phone call. Palak asks Rithvik why didn’t he call her up. He tells that he isn’t Vikrant that she can fool easily. He knows that she is dating Vikrant. She tells that she feels bad when he gets girls to his room.

He asks her not to be jealous, she isn’t his wife. He asks if she likes him, seeing his bank balance. He tells that he is better than Vikrant. She asks if his male ego is hurt. He tells her that she has nothing to attract him. She tells that she wants to stay away. Shanaya informs Mamta that Palak is with Rithvik in Kasauli. Reva and Shanaya beat up Shivam for his plan. Reva calls up Setu and asks her to beat up Rohit. Setu scolds Rohit. Shivam asks Aman not to hide and accept that it was his plan. Aman calls it a lie.

Vikrant goes to look for Palak. He is hurdled by the landslide. He doesn’t want to go back. Palak learns that Rithvik has gone to find a hotel. Rithvik calls Shivam and tells that his card isn’t working. Shivam tells that Reva would have blocked the cards. Rithvik lands at some place. He falls in deep trouble. The guys try to rob him. Palak looks for Rithvik. She doesn’t want him to fall in danger. Vikrant calls her up to know if she is fine. She tells him that Rithvik followed her and he was also with her. She informs that Rithvik is missing.

Rithvik gets beaten up. He shouts to Palak. Palak reaches Rithvik to save his life. She can’t see him getting bashed up. Rithvik finds her hurt and gets heroic to fight back. He rescues Palak. He picks up a bike and races away with Palak. The bad guys follow them. Rithvik and Palak reach the cliff and face a fatal danger. The guys threaten to kill them. The situation helps Rithvik recall bits of his memory. They jump down in the river to get saved from the bullet. Palak rescues him from drowning. Vikrant rushes to find them.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Alt Latest Amazing drama Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 11: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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