Covid lockdown Beyhadh Sony axed with other shows

Covid lockdown Beyhadh Sony axed with other shows

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Covid lockdown Beyhadh Sony axed with other shows The lockdown situation is getting worse for the television industry. The Covid-19 outbreak has affected lives to the major extent. The serials makers have stopped shooting since the decision was taken to halt the shoots until Covid-19 situation gets under control.

With the pandemic battle, lockdown getting extended until May 3-May 7 state-wise, the situation of the lockdown isn’t getting relaxed soon. The channels are taking lockdown measures by bringing the old classics back on the tv to keep the audience entertained. The crisis of the Covid-19 is too big.

The channels with high viewership have already taken the decisions to axe the shows with low TRPs, due to the uncertainty of the resuming time. Sony will be pulling off the plugs on its major prime time shows, the list including Beyhadh, Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein and Patiala Babes. The three shows have been doing well for the channel, after new tracks started. Beyhadh 2 stopped at an interesting phase. According to the story line, Maya seeks help from Vikram to take her revenge on her enemies, Mrityunjay and his aides.

She wants to protect her love Rudra and then get back to him after exposing Mrityunjay’s heinous truth. Mrityunjay and Rudra’s bonding started recently, after Maya’s life’s new chapter began. Vikram wants to kill Rudra as well, but Maya warns him otherwise. The story was going great until the lockdown break. All the prime shows are still on break. Shooting resuming time can’t be predicted or get certain. The shoots will get functional soon after the Covid-19 rid off. Beyhadh 2 will be missed mostly for the cast, Ashish Choudhary, Shivin Narang and Jennifer Winget. Will you miss Beyhadh 2, Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein and Patiala Babes on the channel?

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