Alt Superhit Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 13 Jealousy mystery

Alt Superhit Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 13 Jealousy mystery

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Alt Superhit Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 13 Jealousy mystery The doctor suggests Palak to keep Jia happy, who would recover soon from the asthma and panic attacks. Vikrant wants Jia and Dia to get friendly with Rithvik. Palak doesn’t think this will be easy. He tells that they will try. He asks Rithvik to thank Palak for saving her life. Rithvik tells that its her job. Vikrant asks him to wish Palak for her birthday.

Rithvik asks them to take a day off. Vikrant tells that he wants to take Palak for lunch. He asks Rithvik to take care of the girls. Vijay and Mamta make excuses to show that they are super busy. Rithvik agrees to take care of Jia and Dia. He takes them for an outing. The girls don’t get along well. Rithvik meets Pari. He asks Jia and Dia to save him from Pari, whom he wants to avoid. He asks them to pretend that they are his daughters.

The girls agree and bargain for good deals. Vikrant surprises Palak and celebrates her birthday. She gets emotionally touched. He asks her to just be fearless. She likes his idea of sending Jia and Dia with Rithvik. She doesn’t think he can handle them. Rithvik introduces his children to Pari. Pari doesn’t think its any problem. Rithvik gets running away from Pari.

He thanks the girls for favoring him. The girls find him irritating. Rithvik hits the car somewhere. The girls get terrified. He calls Vikrant to inform him about the careless driving. Palak and Vikrant rush to their daughters. Rithvik apologizes for spoiling the birthday plans.

Palak gets relieved to see him fine. Vikrant is sure that Rithvik will remember everything soon. He tells Palak that he will be leaving. Palak tells him that she needs him like everyone needs him. She gets habitual to Vikrant’s support. She expects him to stay back until everything gets fine. He knows that she will never be able to forget Rithvik.

He is happy in her company. He misses his rights in his relationship. She hugs him and shed tears. Rithvik watches them and misunderstands. Rohit waits for Setu for the dinner, while she gets busy in completing the drawing. Rithvik calls up Aman to tell that Palak was hugging Vikrant.

Aman asks him to let go Palak, who would be in true love with Vikrant. Rohit returns home and gets into an argument with Setu. She asks him not to avoid the right upbringing duties of the children. Reva, Shivam and Aman try to question Palak and Rithvik’s relation. Palak takes care of Rithvik. She tells Rithvik that he will recall his memory soon. Rithvik gets jealous to see her with Vikrant again. He asks Ananya about Palak and Vikrant’s relationship. Rithvik teases Shivam about Ananya. He tells that Ananya has a loser boyfriend.

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Ananya laughs on Rithvik pulling Shivam’s leg. Rithvik wants to know whom is Ananya dating. He asks the family to find out. Reva doesn’t think so. Shanaya knows its Shivam and teases. Ananya tells them that she is dating Shivam. Rithvik doesn’t believe it. Shanaya tells about meeting a guy, Kartik, whom she found on the matrimonial site. Aman tells that destined lovers can never get separated. Rithvik finds it nonsense. Rithvik gets close to know Palak and his marriage truth.

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