Alt Balaji stunning preview DHTH Episode 16

Alt Balaji stunning preview DHTH Episode 16

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Alt Balaji stunning preview DHTH Episode 16 Rithvik tells Mamta that Vikrant and Palak are already together. Taari Dadi gets nervous hearing their conversation. Rithvik tells that they shouldn’t interfere in Palak’s life. He admits that he likes Palak, he doesn’t like to see Palak with Vikrant.

Mamta asks him if he is jealous. He tells that Vikrant deserves someone better, Palak is cheating him. He tells that Palak isn’t interested, as she has two daughters. Mamta tells that they have to make a start and bring Palak and Vikrant together by playing match makers. Setu gets angry on her sons.

She apologizes to Rohit. Rohit apologizes to his sons. Vijay sends Shivam to the office and asks him to get the legal papers from Vikrant’s cabin. Reva asks Vikrant not to divorce Palak. Vikrant tells her that Palak loves Rithvik, he is just being practical and decided this. Ananya lands up for an important talk. Shivam searches for the papers. He finally gets the papers. He gets happy to see the divorce papers. He doesn’t tell anything to Vijay. Ananya tells Reva that Rithvik has feelings for Palak. Shivam calls up Rohit to inform about Vikrant’s move.

He hides in the cabin when Reva and Aman reach there. He doesn’t like to see their intimacy. He stops them in time and makes excuses. He wants to leave before they question him. Reva knows Shivam is mad. Vikrant meets Rithvik at the poolside. Rithvik wants to help him and pities him. He tells that he regards Vikrant as family. Vikrant tells that Palak will not accept him. Rithvik asks him to claim his rights on Palak. He plays a cupid for Palak and Vikrant. He asks Vikrant to demand answers.

He gets to recall some of the past. He tells Vikrant that he had told these lines before, but its not clear to him. Shivam lies to Vijay about the papers. Vijay asks Shivam to get the envelope home. He doesn’t believe Shivam’s foolish pictures. Palak recalls Rithvik and her romantic moments of the past. Rithvik trains Vikrant to be aggressive and claim his rights on Palak. Vikrant shouts on Palak and shows his rights on Palak.

Rithvik wishes him luck. Palak laughs on Vikrant’s weird behavior. Vikrant tells her that he can’t scold her even if he acts. She knows it well. She sees Rithvik and realizes that it was his prank. Vijay finds Rithvik disturbed.

Rithvik tells that he is trying to recollect the past and know the meaning of his life. Vijay asks him to give himself some time. Rithvik tells him that he wants to know if he was in some serious relationship with someone.

He can’t see the girl’s face in his flashes. Vijay tells him that he had many girlfriends. He doesn’t tell about Palak. He thinks Rithvik’s memory is coming back. He fears for this good news ruining Vikrant’s life. He sympathizes with Vikrant, who has done a lot for the family in Rithvik’s absence. He wonders what will happen with Vikrant in the coming days when Rithvik claims his rights on his wife Palak.

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