Colors Ghar Baithe Baithe New episodes Prime shows

Colors Ghar Baithe Baithe New episodes Prime shows

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Colors Ghar Baithe Baithe New episodes Prime shows Vidya surprises Vivek with a special immunity drink. Vidya and Vivek stay away during the temporary period of quarantine. They come up with special surprises for each other. She tells him that she has asked the servant to prepare the drink for him by giving instructions. She gets fresh feeling after doing yoga for an hour.

He tells that he wants to know about the drink. She asks him to drink the Kada drink every day which will be good for his health. He knows that she will always look after his health, wherever she stays. She tells him that his job is to work for the people’s protection and safety, he will be dealing with tough situations, so he has to stay safe first. She asks him to have the Kada to boost his immunity when he goes out of the house.

He thanks her for being so considerate. She tells him that he is looking after the entire district, she can take care of him at least. She asks him to just guess the ingredients of the immunity booster himself. She challenges him. Vivek consumes the Kada and likes it. He guesses the ingredients right. She asks him to take good care of himself like a responsible citizen. He asks her for a reward. She gives him a star for his good habits. He tells her that he also has a surprise for her. She waits to see it.

They wish they could be together. They understand the situation they are dealing it and promise to be strong. She gets surprised when she finds him holding a cute cake, handmade at home.

Vivek shies to tell her that he has baked the cake for her. He tells her that he wanted to surprise her with a sweet cake. She asks the reason for the surprise. He tells that its their six month wedding anniversary. They get emotional. He tells that life is going on a fast pace.

She tells that she remembers every moment spent with him. She cherishes their moments. She tells him that their lives have moved on a happy note. She is really happy to be his wife. She brings a big smile on his face. He asks her to try and blow the candle. He asks her to make a wish. She wishes for the world to stay safe from the pandemic. He feels proud of her. He blows the candle on her behalf. He enjoys the cake.

They tell that they have to run their lives in the limited resources. He confesses his love to her and likes her blushing face. He tells that they will utilize their time and learn new things, while they have a long distance relationship.

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